The Teal-Vandor Convention

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Name: The Teal-Vandor Convention
Dates: May 2, 1981
Location: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WCl
Founder: Jill McCaul
Founding Date:
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The Teal-Vandor Convention was a one-day Blake's 7 convention organized jointly by the Liberator Popular Front and Horizon, the country's the largest B7 clubs.

The Programme

  • 9.15 Registration opens in foyer
  • 10.00 Opening Ceremony in Main Hall
  • 11.15 Talk - Mat Irvine (Main Hall)
  • 12.00 Talk - Paul Darrow (Main Hall)
  • 12.30 Talk - Vere Lorrimer & Jim Francis (Main Hall)
  • 13.00 Paul Darrow (Main Hall)
  • 13.15-14.15 LUNCH
  • 14.15 Talk - Jacqueline Pearce (Main Hall)
  • 15.00 Slide show and animated films (Main Hall)
  • 15.30 Talk - Jan Chappell and Peter Tuddenham
  • 16.15 Interview - Vere Lorrimer (Main Hall)
  • 16.45 Auction (Main Hall)
  • 17.15 Film: DEATH RACE 2000 (Main Hall)
  • 19.00 Filk singing by Chris Chivers (Main Hall)
  • 19.15 Drama Show (Main Hall)
  • 19.45 More filk singing by Chris Chivers (Main Hall)
  • 20.00 Closing Ceremony and Awards (Main Hall)

There were also autograph sessions, and a dealer's room in the smaller hall.

Convention Programme

The 1981 convention program contains 16 pages, black and white photographs, biographies, and convention/series information, has staple binding, and glossy photo cover.

Fan Reactions

From attendees in 2011:
".... It was held in Holbourn. (Russell Square rings a bell.) I have no idea how I found out about it but I went by myself. I had attended many Star trek Conventions, including the one in a church hall in Leicester. in about1 1971. But this felt different, maybe because the actual stars were there and they were soooo nice. I remember one young lad telling Jackie that his dad, who was right beside him, really liked Servalan. Before he knew it, Jackie came round from behind the desk and planted a big kiss on dad's lips. Dad went into shock...the little lad was awestruck. I can imagine the chat when they got home, "Mummy, Daddy got kissed by Servalan!!" I also remember Vere showing some location film from Aftermath on the sands up north. Everyone was told to leave as they were filming, but a couple didn't get the message. They are clearly seen popping up in the background when Avon is fighting the Sarran. Vere said it was only much later when the episode was being put together that it was noticed and it was too late to do anything about it!! I'm glad people are liking the photos."[1]
"...Teal Vandor took place some time before the 4th series went out. I think it was in May as everyone was singing happy birthday to a certain Mr. D. All I can remember is Vere showing us the footage from Aftermath on a big screen. He may well have told us about the upcoming series......but these senior moments do tend to dim the old memories. I'm sure I saw a video on Youtube recently, (between Zukalis and er... Zukalis,) which seemed to be of Teal Vandor. I'm going to see if I can find it again.""[2]
"Teal-Vandor was indeed held on 2nd May 1981 at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. A great day. It was jointly run by the LPF (Liberator Popular Front) and Horizon (at the time headed by Pat Thomas, with me as her trusty sidekick!) It was the only UK convention that Vere attended, as far as I'm aware. Devora Pope took over from Judith Cross as Production Secretary (she was Vere's secretary, whereas Judith was David Maloney's)"[3]
".... I did indeed have a chat with Jaqueline, as well as with Paul and Peter. I think they were all really quite amazed at the reaction of the fans. I also got to hug Vere Lorrimere because he said I didn't look old enough to have 2 children. "I love this man!" I said.

Jaqueline also made a little boy's day. She came over all Servalan like and slinked round from behind the table where she was signing autographs and kissed his Dad! (The dad had expressed the view, on several occasions, that he really liked Servalan.) One shocked Dad, one little amazed boy! Daughter no 2 is going to go through all the photos I have of Mr D. and then find a nice piccie of me from the same time, the 80's, and is going to photoshop a picture of me with him. I have met this man so many times at Conventions and backstage at plays it never occurred to me to get a photo of us together!! I remember one back stage moment when my hubby said that I can't go and see any more plays. I mentioned this to Paul. "Hubby says I can't come and see any more of your plays." Suddenly, Mr D wasn't standing there. He had turned into Avon. He slowly turned to my Hubby and said something like "You will let her come and see my plays." Hubby had been well and truly 'Avoned'.

And then Mr D was back, his usual kind considerate self. That was an amazing moment for me!""[4]


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