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Name: Lillian Shepherd
Alias(es): Ermentrude Postlethwaite Smythe, EPS, E.P.S., Lisa York, [S B]
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Garrison's Gorillas, The Professionals, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
URL: Her fan fiction on AO3
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Lillian Shepherd is a fanwriter.

Shepherd's print zine press was Green Dragon Press.


Ermentrude Postlethwaite Smythe (EPS) was Shepherd's pseud for fiction she didn't want her "serious" name attached to.

Anne had an idea for a ‘special’ issue of Liberator in which the stories would be deliberately over-sentimental. Rashly, I promised to contribute, but I didn’t want my ‘serious’ pen-name, Lillian Shepherd, associated with this enjoyable but awful genre. In the end, all contributing writers produced obviously false pen-names, the others being Winifred Dalgliesh and Oliver Plunkett-Rafferty. We were later joined by Oriole Alma Throckmorton. It was Anne Lewis who came up with the Ermentrude Postlehwaite and I added the Smythe. Oliver and Winifred later disappeared, but I retained E.P.S. for both ‘wallow’ and some humor. (Anne invented the term ‘wallow’ for over-emotional writing, and she will be remembered for that, if nothing else.) Primarily, it is intended as a warning that any story bearing the name is not to be taken seriously. [1]




Blake's 7

Garrison's Gorillas




  1. ^ from S and H Letterzine #37 (December 1982)