Changing the Rules and Security Risk

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Title: Changing the Rules/Security Risk
Publisher: EPS and Oriole
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals
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Changing the Rules/Security Risk is a privately printed and circulated Professionals fan fiction anthology.

In it, Bodie tries various ways of breaking Doyle out of a suicidal depression after he (Doyle) has to conduct a mercy killing.

It was released in the UK in 1982. As such it straddles the line between fanzine and a circuit story. As the writer and publisher explains:

Changing the Rules/Security Risk wasn't precisely a 'zine' - Lil and I (who wrote those stories) owned a Gestetner printer on which we produced zines (as Green Dragon Press (UK) - GDP), mostly Blake's Seven and a critical thing called Critical Mass. Rather than photocopy our stories for the circuit - as most people did - we'd run off about 20 copies for distribution, on the basis that they'd be returned to us when no longer required (Blue Jay Press did the same). These weren't 'zines' as they were intended only for the circuit distribution. Think of them as f-locked posts - I'd hate to think that anyone was ever asked for payment for them.' [1]


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