CONtinuum (US convention)

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Name: CONtinuum
Dates: 1990, 1991
Frequency: twice?
Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Focus: Star Trek
Founding Date:
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CONtinuum was a Star Trek convention.

cover of the 1991 program book



The con program does not have a date written in it, but it was held June 21-23. This was the second con.

flyer for 1991

The chairperson was Janie McGaugh.

The con guests were John de Lancie, Majel Barrett, Richard Arnold, and Jean Kluge.

The con skit was "Star Blech: The Motion Sickness."

The con's charity was St. Jude Research Hospital.

At the one in 1991 (Cape Girardeau, Missouri): "Richard Arnold was quoted in the local paper (the Southeast Missourian) as saying that Star Trek conventions '...tend to draw what most people would call society's misfits, the nerds, the just-too-bright-for-their-own good' types.' He also characterized fans as people who are '...happiest at a convention because, for a few days, they're normal, not outcasts.' Needless to say, this did not go do down well with many of the convention attendees..." [1]


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