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Synonym(s)lycanthrope, were, were-animals
Related tropes/genresAnimal Transformation, Bestiality, Centaurification, Elf AU, Knotting, Magic, Psychics, Selkie, Shapeshifter, Superheroes, Vampire, Were-Animal, Witches
See alsoAnimals in Fanworks, Biting, Dominance Hierarchy, Remus Lupin
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In folklore, werewolves, also known as loups-garous, are supernatural individuals that can shapeshift between a human and wolf form. The ability or power itself is referred to as lycanthropy. The prefix were- is derived from this term and is used to describe individuals that can shapeshift between a human and a second form, usually another animal, such as werecats. The terms werecreatures and werebeasts is used as a catch-all to describe all werewolf-like creatures.

Werecreatures are portrayed in a variety of ways in fiction. Common differences include the nature of both forms, if transformation is controllable or not, and the cause of lycanthropy, among other details.

In fandom, werewolves and werecreatures are a popular trope for fanworks and alternate universes. They are associated with and often appear in horror, supernatural, and fantasy works. Characters from source materials who are werewolves in canon are also often popular in fanworks.


See List of Werewolf Fandoms

There are many fandoms with canon werewolf characters (who quite often are not monsters but good guys) including:

Characters who are werewolves in canon are often popular in fandom because werewolf characters usually come with built-in angst due to their dual nature, the potential for loss of control, and the monstrous transformation they suffer. Frequently these fandoms also include vampires. Werewolves also offer options for h/c, because often the transformation is described as painful.


In fandoms that do not have canonical werewolves, werewolf AUs are common type of alternate universe and very popular. Werewolf AUs may include some level of focus on pack structure, especially when it comes to status and mating.

While werewolves are the "classic" were-animal and the most common, many other were-animals appear in fanfic and sometimes in canon.

Werewolves are popular creatures with furries and monsterfuckers.

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