Isaac Lahey

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Name: Isaac Lahey
Occupation: High school student
Relationships: Allison Argent (girlfriend)
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Other: Portrayed by Daniel Sharman.
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Isaac Lahey was a main character on the television show Teen Wolf. He appeared in seasons 2 and 3, but has subsequently left the show.


Isaac is a high school student at Beacon Hills High School whose father was abusive, and he was bitten by Derek Hale and turned into a werewolf. Originally part of Derek's pack, he had since joined Scott McCall's pack after Derek kicked him out. He moved in with Melissa and Scott. He grew close to Allison Argent and they eventually started dating. After Allison's death, he left Beacon Hills with Allison's father, Chris Argent but has not been seen since.



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • All Human AU: where Isaac never becomes a werewolf or he is no longer a werewolf
  • Abuse: exploring the abuse Isaac suffered at the hands of his father
  • PTSD: dealing with the aftermath of his childhood abuse and the trauma he suffered during the series
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega: common because of the pack dynamics within Teen Wolf


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