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Name: Being Human
Abbreviation(s): BH
Creator: Toby Whithouse

February 18, 2008 – March 10, 2013 (British version)

26 January – 20 March 2011 (British spin-off)

January 17, 2011 – April 7, 2014 (Canadian-American version)

Medium: Television, Webserie
Country of Origin: UK (British version)
US/Canada (Canadian-American version)
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Official Website (UK)

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Official website (Spin-off)

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Official Website (US/Canada)

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Being Human is a British supernatural comedy-drama television series which has a webseries spin-off and a Canadian-American remake both in 2011.

The series addresses the coexistence between humans and supernatural beings, as well as the relationship between these different species when three of them -- a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost -- decide to live normally among humans.


The British Series follow a vampire (Mitchell), a werewolf (George) and a ghost (Annie) sharing a house. Together, they try to deal with their unique circumstances and live as normally as possible. Another werewolf Nina joins the house as well after she gets scratched by George. In the fourth series the ensemble was joined by Tom McNair (a werewolf) and Hal Yorke (a vampire). The fifth series added Alex Miller (a ghost).

In 2011 a comedy-drama webisode series and a spin-off called Becoming Human was released with eight episodes between January and March of that year. Continues the adventures of Adam Jacobs, a 46-year-old vampire in the body of a 16-year-old teenager with the werewolf Christa as the student ghost Matt Bolton. In being of the British series Adam has moved elsewhere and is trying to live a normal life as a "human".

A North American remake loosely based on the British series started airing in January 2011. It follows the same premise of the original; about a vampire (Aidan), a werewolf (Josh) and a ghost (Sally) sharing a house. Like the UK version, another werewolf joins the household, Nora, after she gets scratched by Josh.

Being Human Fandom

UK Series

The main slash pairing is George/Mitchell, but there are also het ships such as Mitchell/Annie and the canon pairing George/Nina. The first fan fictions were written after the pilot aired in early 2008, before the series was commissioned and the cast changed substantially. Before the series aired, many of the fics written were about the relationship between George and Mitchell, but since the series explored their relationship with Annie and other characters, other pairings have become popular as well.

Crossover Pairing

Based on the popularity of The Hobbit (film series) Kili (played by Aidan Turner, Mitchell) and Fili (played by Dean O'Gorman), fans have created a crossover pairing of Britchell (Bragi-Anders/Mitchell).

Spin-off Webseries

US/Canada Series

The Syfy series fandom is a lot smaller than the UK's and is sometime referred to as Being Human US, despite the fact that the show is actually made in Canada. The main het pairings are Aidan/Sally and Josh/Nora. The main slash pairings are Josh/Aidan and Bishop/Aidan.





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