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Newsletter Community
Name: BAU Inbox
Date(s): 2007 - 2014
Moderator: aoibhe, bau_watch, beatriceeagle, benitle, cs_whitewolf, elledesu, eva_lee, mcgarrygirl78, nebula99, seraphina_snape, severity_softly, slash_girl, xbittersweet89x
Founder: aoibhe, beatriceeagle, seraphina_snape
Fandom: Criminal Minds
URL: bau_inbox on Livejournal bau_inbox on Dreamwidth

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Active from February 2007 until December 2014, in the words of the administrators themselves, the community had the function of being the newsletter about Criminal Minds fandom. In 2017, a small update was made to the community description to inform about a mirror copy of it in the Dreamwidth.

The Bau Inbox not only reported on new fandom Fanfictions, from different shipps and genres, but also played the role of "seekers" helping fans to read something as they wished, as well they brought news about the new episodes, places of recordings of the same, articles and interviews, everything that had Criminal Minds as motto, the communities approached in its informative editions.

Administrators used the bau_mods profile to be able to moderate the community, as well as to talk to each other about the direction of the community. A watchlist bau_watch has also been created for the editors of BAU Inbox.

Below you can read the profile information note on its closure and other matters:

The BAU inbox has been around for a long time - almost seven years. But looking at the dwindling number of CM-related entries on this site and the growing number of fans who rely exclusively on Tumblr for their fannish pursuits, it seems foolish to continue with this newsletter. And so, on the last day of 2014, bau_inbox posts its last CM newsletter and closes its doors. It's been fun - thank you all for reading, and Happy New Year!

Much thanks to the talented aaskie for providing a header image!

April 2017: This community is now mirrored on Dreamwidth.