Cause of Snow Verse

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Title: Cause of Snow Verse
Author(s): wojelah, Smittywing
Date(s): 2009
Length: ~80,000 words
Genre: M/F
Fandom: Criminal Minds
External Links: wojelah on LJ, My Side of the Story by Smittywing on AO3

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The Cause of Snow Verse is a long canon-compliant Emily Prentiss/David Rossi shared universe spread across AO3 and LiveJournal in which wojelah and Smittywing often remix each other's fics.

Table of Contents

Paired Fics

Cause of Snow

  • Cause of Snow by wojelah: ~8,000 words, rated Explicit. Prentiss has a flat tire, no power, and a free weekend. Rossi has several spare bedrooms, wine, and a wood-burning stove. Emily's a little baffled, but she'd like the chance to enjoy the evening a little longer.
  • A Willing Sympathizer by Smittywing: ~13,000 words, rated Explicit. There hasn't been a woman in his kitchen in a long time and he's strangely glad it's Emily Prentiss.

Longest Way Round is the Shortest Way Home

Against Their Better Judgment

  • Against Her Better Judgment by Smittywing: ~5,000 words, rated Explicit. Rossi looks up then, and for a moment their eyes meet and Emily doesn't want to do this anymore.
  • Against His Better Judgment by wojelah: ~5,000 words, rated Explicit. It has to be Prentiss because she's damn good, and reliable, and there's no one else he'd rather send. Which is both the truth and the biggest lie he's ever told.

Solo Fics

By Smittywing

By wojelah

  • Learning to Miss: ~7,000 words, rated Explicit. "... shag Hotch, marry Rossi." It's not really a hard call, and she's pretty pleased with herself for dodging that bullet, until she realizes that it did not come out right at all - she'd meant to say marry Hotch, shag Rossi.
  • Post Modern: A Play in Five Acts: ~12,000 words, rated Explicit. Four times David Rossi made a mistake and the one time he managed to fix it.
  • Prerogatives: ~23,000 words, rated Explicit. Prerogative. n. A right or privilege which belongs to a person by virtue of rank, office, position or special characteristic and which entitles that person to precedence or the exercise of some power or advantage not granted to others. (A.k.a., the one where someone stalks JJ and the BAU circles the wagons. And, you know, saves the day.)
  • Abeyance: ~4,000 words, rated Explicit. He's trying pretty hard not to think about today and he knows it. They're going to be dissecting everything in minute detail, and it's not going to get easier as they go. He needs a breather before that starts. He didn't used to, but he does now.


The initial fic Cause of Snow was recc'ed by mingsmommy[1] and moonshot[2].