Take or Give

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Title: Take or Give
Publisher: SonTan Publishing
Author(s): Sonia
Cover Artist(s): Stacy L.A. Stronach
Date(s): 2006
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Language: English
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Take or Give is an 85-page slash Criminal Minds novel by Sonia.

From the distributor, Agent With Style:

"This digest-sized slash novella focuses on the complex relationship between Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner and Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid and how that relationship changes after Reid is held captive by a psychotic killer. Does Hotch have the courage to face up to his evolving feelings and take what he wants from his younger subordinate? Can Reid give the older, more experienced Hotch what he needs to be happy? This story has all the elements a great "Criminal Minds" tale should have — several steamy sex scenes, lots of angst, lots of comfort and an intriguing profiling case thrown in for good measure!"