First Light en Masse

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Title: First Light en Masse
Publisher: First Light Productions
Editor(s): E. Catherine Tobler
Date(s): 1993-2001
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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First Light en Masse is a gen and het anthology of science fiction. Includes Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Highlander, The X-Files, Quantum Leap, Babylon 5, as well as original SF/fantasy/horror. It had seven issues.[1]

Cat Toy Productions reprinted the first two issues.

Issue 1

First Light en Masse 1 (First Light) was published in January 1993 (third printing in July 1993) and contains 128 pages. It has the subtitle "Visions."

Summary from the publisher: "Where it all began. See Geordi enter an oort cloud and get the girl (Cupid Painted Blind by E. Catherine Tobler). Discover Spock's secret sister (Be All My Sins Remembered by Krista D. Chafin). Witness the beginning of the Tapestry Saga when Riker discovers a hidden Romulan base (Snowblind by Anna C. Bowling). All this plue poetry by Emily Treaux, E. Catherine, and Kate Bolin. Cartoons, humour, and artwork by Mark Seely. Includes Trek illustration by official Highlander comic artist Philip Owen."

Visions was published in 1993 and contains 130 pages.

  • Shadow & Light by Emily Treaux
  • Cupid Painted Blind by E. Catherine Tobler
  • Snowblind by Anna C. Bowling
  • Top 10 Things Found Under Deanna Troi's Bed by Anna C. Bowling
  • Thunders of White Silence by E. Catherine Tobler
  • Be All My Sins Remembered by Krista D. Chafin
  • Lines We'll Never Hear on The Next Generation by Anna C. Bowling
  • Under Burning Skies by E. Catherine Tobler
  • Time's Stage by E. Catherine Tobler

Issue 2

cover issue #2, art by Catherine Tobler, 1993 edition
cover of issue #2, 1994 edition

First Light en Masse 2

Summary from the pubisher: "The Tapestry Saga continues with more arctic adventures for Riker (Snowbound by Anna C. Bowling), plus a female bounty hunter with a secret (Treasures Part One by E. Catherine Tobler). Also, Quantum Leap's Sam leaps into the world of Dark Shadows (Love's Dark Leap by Emily Treaux), and DS9's Dax and Bashir sample some holiday cheer (Holidays by Walter Chamra). Poetry by Kate Bolin, Virginia Celadon, and Marjorie D.L. Roden and generous helpings of artwork by Robert Bruce Lloyd, Marjorie D.L. Roden, John Collado, and E. Catherine Tobler round it out."

  • Spot's Thoughts by Marjorie D.L. Roden
  • Troi by Katherine Bolin
  • Gazing at the Moon by Virginia Celadon
  • Love's Dark Leap by Emily Treaux
  • A Man's Sight; A Woman's Vision by Walter Chmara
  • Treasures, Part One by Catherine Tobler
  • Holidays by Walter Chmara
  • Snowbound by Anna C. Bowling


  • E. Catherine Tobler (front cover)
  • John Collado
  • Robert Bruce LLoyd
  • Marjorie D.L. Roden

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

First Light en Masse 3 was published in 1995 and contains 316 pages. It is GBC bound. Art by Robert B. Lloyd, Walter Chmara, Tim Harrison, Jr., Joshua, and Dan Verderosa.

  • "A Bajoran Prayer" by Marjorie Roden (DS9)
  • "A Conception of Progress" by Walter Chmara (TOS)
  • "Who Am I?" by Starr Kelly (Highlander)
  • "Treasures, Part Two" by E. Catherine Tobler (TNG)
  • "Planet Hyde" by Volodimir Klowd (TOS)
  • "Vamp" by Kate Bolin (original vampire story)
  • "The Thief of Forever'" by Elise Winter (Highlander)
  • "Time Bomb" by Walter Chmara (DS9)
  • "Road Crosses" by Amy Nolting (DS9)
  • "X-1433: Wayward Angel" by Emily Treaux (TOS/X-Files)
  • "The Spirit of the Times" by Antonia Mandry (DS9)
  • "Hidden Weapons" by L. A. Wicker (Highlander)
  • "Snowfire" by Anna C. Bowling (TNG)

Issue 4

First Light en Masse 4

Issue 5

First Light en Masse 5 Cover art by Lydia Nienart. With artwork from Lydia Neinart, Sophia Kelly Shultz, Gabi Steine, Paige Foster, and others. Poetry from E. Catherine Tobler, Emily Treaux, and others.

Summary from the publisher:

  • The Paris Logs by Sue Love: Step into the personal logs of Tom Paris and explore the Janeway/Chakotay relationship from his unique perspective.
  • You Can't Hang a Man Born to Kill by Mark Kalita: Death rode from the South in search of his quarry. "Another time, MacLeod!" were his final words. Now, 300 years later, his quest brings him to America--the Old West to be precise--where shootin' irons are no match for the sharpness of cold steel. Viper Coogan still believes there can be only one: unless one man can stop him.
  • Symbionts and Other Strangers by Anna C. Bowling: In this piece of DS9 humour, Petra takes a look at the Worf/Jadzia relationship, and wonders what the symbiont Dax thinks of the whole thing. Is it a love triangle or just something that should be jettisoned out the nearest airlock?
  • Sabbatical by Michele Plourde-Barker: In this post-"Mirror Image" story, Sam Leaps into himself a few days before his wedding. Everything's perfect: Tom's alive, Al has Beth back, and most of all, Donna is with him. It must be the sabbatical that annoying bartender promised him. Or is it?
  • The Borders of Heaven by Emily Treaux: In this sequel to FLeM #4's "Borderline Angel," Emily returns to Sam, Donna, and the Calavicci children. Al's daughter, Alannah, has taken Sam's place as the Leaper and in her first Leap, she encounters a multitude of problems... For instance: can green Jell-O be frozen into a lightsaber?
  • Ruminations by Jason Ellis: Benjamin Sisko reflects on the multi-faceted life he's led. From his time in the Academy, to adventures with Curzon Dax, Sisko's life is forever in motion.

Issue 6

First Light en Masse 6 was published in 1998. Cover artwork by Risata. Interior artwork by Risata and Sophia Kelly Shultz.

cover of issue #6, Risata

Summary from the publisher:

  • Eyes of the Goddess by Kathy Swanson (Mulder and Scully track a case which looks like an alien abduction, but may turn out to be something wholly different.)
  • Lost Chances by Kate Bolin (David Sheridan learns the bittersweet reason why he doesn't have any siblings.)
  • Last Rites by Jim Schultz (Kathryn Janeway goes toe-to-toe with the Grim Reaper.)
  • A Moment in Time by Sue Love (William Riker falls in love and marries...but his world is about to be torn apart by something he never expected--time.)
  • Love Survives by Vicki Reid (Worf and Deanna struggle with the Dominion War and their lingering feelings for each other.)
  • Paved Paradise by Liz Ann Cato and E. Catherine Tobler (In a post-colonization world, Scully, Skinner, and Mulder fight to survive.)
  • The Raven and the Peacock by Rachel Avalon (Amanda does a favour for Connor MacLeod and an even older friend.)
  • Hunter's Moon by Michele Plourde-Barker (Sam's latest Leap takes him into a situation he never expected to encounter, with people he knows all too well.)
  • A Fine and Private Place by Anna C. Bowling (The Voyager crew returns home and Janeway says a private goodbye to someone she loved.)
  • The Serpent by Amy Nolting (Lore is back in his brother's life, but this time, he has his eye set on Deanna Troi.)

Issue 7

First Light en Masse 7 was published in winter 2000/01. 100+ pages, 8 1/2 x 11", spiral bound

  • Something Random and Unpredictable, by Michele Plourde Barker (Sam makes a decision that will change his, and Donna's, life forever.)
  • Under Fabrini Skies, by E. Catherine Tobler (Leonard McCoy keeps a promise to an old friend.) (Star Trek: TOS)
  • After, by Naberrie (Queen Amidala and Obi-Wan Kenobi share an evening together after Qui-Gon's funeral and discover that all is not lost.)
  • Priel's Song, by Domjotter (Harry Kim's life is forever changed by a small alien named Priel.)
  • Joe Cool is Alive and Well and Living in Macabre, by Kathy Swanson (Scully and the Lone Gunmen work together to solve a mystery. Mulder's gonna be sorry he missed this one!) (X-Files)
  • Bedtime Stories, by Anna C. Bowling (Once upon a time in the 24th century, a little girl wanted to hear of a legendary love...)
  • Of Lillies and Remains, by Kate Bolin (Spike in New Orleans. Enough said.)
  • Ornamental, by Rachel Avalon (Amanda decorates her Christmas tree and receives an unexpected gift.)
  • Digging, by Quinn Clement (Julian Bashir, Jadzia Dax, and Keiko help uncover ruins on Bajor, but will the discovery change the history of Bajor?)
  • Vanilla with a Raspberry Ribbon, by E. Catherine Tobler (Dana Scully celebrates a birthday, with a difficult autopsy and a mysterious case.)
  • poetry from Liz LaValley.


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