Black Oracle

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Title: Black Oracle
Publisher: George Stover, out of Baltimore, MD [1] [2]
Editor(s): George Stover, various co-editors
Date(s): 1969-1978
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Science Fiction, Horror
Language: English
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Black Oracle is a science fiction and horror zine.

It was published semi-annually from 1969 till 1978. Ten issues were produced.

At least one issue has Star Trek: TOS content, but it is unlikely other issues did.

The staff artist is Ken Lodge.

Whut is a Black Oracle? Well, let me try to explain it. It's this small fanzine, see, an' the type size is so small that old people like myself gort to put on specs to read whut's inside. Between it's covers there are lots of weird articles and an' poetry and stuff like that. It's very popular with sarten secret societies called "fandom", a cult of some kind. I just got the latest copy, nubmer 8, an'... Gad, whut's that smell? Somethin' arisin' from the cover! Is that why it's initials are... Argh! It's that Thing... That Daemon---- G'Orgh Shto-Vrr!!! Arrggg... [3]

Issue 7

Black Oracle 7 was published in Fall 1973 and contains 42 pages. Co-editors: Bruce Gearhart (replacing Bill George) and Steven R. Miller.

front cover of issue #8
The telegram exchange, the former co-editor's response: "TOO BUSY FOR PHONE CALLS TOO BUSY FOR FANZINE GOOD LUCK

The zine has a new co-editor, as the last one has resigned abruptly; the editor includes a copy their telegram exchange.

The editor writes:
And finally, it is with much regret that I announce the passing of Terry, my pet tarantula, on August 12th. Terry (also known as Cousin Irving) had been a household pet for 10 years and in July of 1972 was described and pictured in a newspaper article appearing in Baltimore's The Evening Sun (See Black Oracle No. 6 for reprint). He will be greatly missed.
  • Editor's Graveyard by George Stover (3)
  • Crypt of Letters (4)
  • Playing Hyde and Seek with Dr. Jekyll, article which discusses the movie starring Kirk Douglass, by Steve Vertlieb (6)
  • The Strange Green Bat of the Wood, fiction by Daniel F. Goldman (9)
  • 'Star Trek' now an odyssey of the mind, a reprint of an article from March 25, 1973's Baltimore's "Evening Sun" by Daniel F. Goldman (This article discusses the fan-written Trek play One Cube or Two?, see that page) (11)
  • Review of "Lost Horizon" by Steve Vertlieb (16)
  • A Chat with Vincent Price by Bruce Gearhart, includes photos (20)
  • Black Oracle Book Reviews by Bruce Gearhart and Steven R. Miller (26)
  • Black Oracle Movie Reviews by John E. Parnum and Steve Vertlieb (29)
  • The Cave by Steve Verlieb (34)
  • Chalice of Sodom and Gomorrah by Lewis Sanders (34)
  • The Artist's Corner by Helaine E. Carson, Ken Lodge, and Richard Nethercott, Jr. (42)


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