Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera

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Pairing: Olivia Spencer/Natalia Rivera
Alternative name(s): Otalia
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Guiding Light
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: popular
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Olivia/Natalia, also known as Otalia, is the femslash pairing of Olivia Spencer and Natalia Rivera from Guiding Light.


Olivia and Natalia's relationship started to evolve following Olivia's heart transplant. The couple's relationship subsequently changes from being enemies, to close friends who rely on each other, to women becoming more than friends.


In Cabenson's ship manifestos, they note some of the appeal of the pairing:

Enemies to friends to lovers. We've seen this type of story before, and I'm sure we'll see it many, many times again. But I can't imagine that we'll ever see a storyline like this unfold in such a way where not only did we actually see the characters fall in love, but the viewers fell in love right along with them. Layer upon layer of wonderful episodic threads were woven into the tapestry of a beautiful story that, as my friend Maroukian said, showed the transforming power of love. From angst-filled moments tempered with humor to scenes of everyday chores infused with buried passion, this story—while eliciting mercurial fan response, especially in the last months—succeeded in providing what many soap operas are missing these days: an old-fashioned, slow-burning love story.

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