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Journal Community
Name: Like Zombies In a Way, Bad Penny
Date(s): April 21, 2006 - February 1, 2007 (last updated)
Moderator: breecita, esclaramonde, gun, narcissam, oulangi, princessdot, pyratejenni, rhiannonmr, the_wanlorn, theantifooosh, waltraute
Type: meta
Fandom: Multifandom

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Bad Penny is a journalfen community that explores and revisits old or outdated wanks, such as those posted to Fandom Wank or associated communities. It is not part of the Fandom Wank-related communities and does not abide by all the rules that exist on those.[2]

It's perhaps most famous for being the original venue of The MsScribe Story: An Unauthorized Fandom Biography by Charlotte Lennox and The Cassandra Claire Plagiarism Debacle.


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