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Name: Steven Savage
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Steven Savage was a fan who was very active at

Savage was an original member of the team that created He was also a reporter at

In February 2000, Savage became the head of's column feature. Xing Li explained:

Proudly announcing the birth of CEC (Column Editorial Committee)! I will let Steve Savage, the CEC founder and current director, to explain the details behind this group: [Savage wrote]: Hey folks, It's Steve Savage, the guy in charge of the CEC (Column Editorial Committee). I figured I'd let you know what my plans are. Also, if you're concerned that I may not be appropriate to head the CEC, I have my qualifications listed at the bottom to put your mind at ease (or to point out that I may lack some skills and may want to make sure other CEC members make up for that). CEC is currently composed of 2 other members excluding myself: Meridian, and Cairnsy. [snipped] QUALIFICATIONS:


1) Writing own long-term paranormal/sf romance and maintaining it and related material at:

2) Wrote for shared-universe newsletter "Vanguard Dossier" 1990-1994.

3) Assorted miscellaneous writing endeavors.

4) Writing column "Way With Worlds" at


1) Edited shared-universe newsletter "Vanguard Dossier" 1990-1994.

2) Currently do editing for various people in varied capacities.

Degree: BS in Psychology.

Profession: Computer Programmer/Webmaster." [1]

Some Fandom Essays by Savage


  1. ^ from Old Updates at Note that the date of February 4, 1999 noted is incorrect; the date was actually February 4, 2000