Xing Li

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Name: Xing Li
Alias(es): Diego Montoya, YosemiteSam [1]
Type: webmaster, developer, archivist, fan writer[2]
Fandoms: The X-Files, general
Communities: FanFiction.Net, FictionPress, The Definitive X-Files Source
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Xing Li is the founder of FanFiction.Net. He and several people, including some UCLA students, developed the site in fall of 1998. He was also an admin (using the handle "Diego") at

A 1998 self-description:

Founder/Master Chef Xing Li xi[...] est. 1998. Shameless resume plug : the master chef of the site, xing li, is fresh off college and is currently seeking a creative design/lead position involving transformation of real-world and human applications to the digital platform. bringing more than 4 years of in-field experience in internet application design with an eye for blending technology and human usability. for more information please email xi[...] non-tech firms are welcomed.[3]

Xing Li was an X-Files fan. His first fanwork, created just months before, was The Definitive X-Files Source, a website that was a resource about the show. In his posts there, he makes several comments about his upcoming new, bigger project,

A very early "About Us" page for "" lists Xing Li as a "starving student," some of his hobbies and favorite music, and more.[4]

Many fans today find Xing Li to be a mysterious figure as his internet footprint is almost non-existent and in recent years, does not reveal a robust online persona. A fan in 2012 wrote: "It's funny - people complain (wank) about different AO3/DW/LJ people, but there's been no "human" face to Something to think of when people write the anthromorphic archive slashfic." [5]

But Xing Li used to be quite approachable and present in his communication with fans. Up until 2006, he included his personal email on all posts and forms, and in the very late-1990s and early 2000s, encouraged fans to email him directly so that he could fix problems.[6] At some point around 2003 or 2004 or so, Xing Li stopped responding to emails asking for technical help, but instead appeared to fix the problem (or not) without further communication.[7]

Xing Li also was fairly chatty in his public posts on his two websites. At his 1998 website The Definitive X-Files Source, he talks about The X-Files, his excitement about his new site,[8] having a bad cold, and being a student at UCLA. In posts at, he talks about many things, including backpacking, physical ailments, his mother's cooking, his admiration for professional women's soccer, his support of the UCLA Bruins, and other topics. Xing Li's infectious enthusiasm and almost supernatural energy and dedication to his work at is apparent in many, many posts on's updates: Old News: August 1999-February 2001, as well as to his numerous posts to various Usenet groups [9]

Xing Li's name was at the bottom of blog posts until 2014, but at some blog posts apparently ceased.[10] However, they have since resumed. The last entry with his name, as of this edit, is from December 31st, 2017.[11]

There was also a possible 2013 "sighting" of Xing Li on Usenet.[12]


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