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Name: The Definitive X-Files Source
Owner/Maintainer: Xing Li
Dates: June 1998-?
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: The Definitive X-Files Source
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The Definitive X-Files Source is a 1998 website created by Xing Li.

On September 3, 1998, he made a post that: "We currently have the largest X-Files Club on Yahoo! with 50 members within just 2 weeks! =)" [1]

"The Definitive X-Files Source" was a Xing Li's first website, and it was there on July 28 that he hinted at his other project, FanFiction.Net: "I have 3 big original projects planned for the site so if you are interested in helping me out. Email me..It's gonna be big..hehe." [2]

Announcements About "The Definitive X-Files Source"

Between June and September 1998, Xing Li made a series of announcements at about his new site. None of his announcements garnered any comments, possibly because he wasn't a regular poster at this Usenet group, possibly because fans suspected his posts were spammed to other groups...

[June 5, 1998]:

Hi, As most you know, almost all the current xfiles websites lack either information or organization or both. I'm currently trying to create the most comprehensive Xfiles web site out there complete with ALL news/information/bios/multimedia items you can find out there on the web.

Please visit my xfiles website at It's under HEAVY construction but you can be sure that your time will not be wasted there...satisfaction is what I'm trying to achieve for every visitor of the site...Please send any and all feedback to me at You feedback is greatly appreciated.

Be sure to check out the quicktime 3.0 streaming 1min clip of the first xfiles tv soundtrack/album and the xfiles winAmp skins..only 174 kb each but the quality is AWESOME...quicktime 3.0 rocks.=)

Xing [3]

[July 23, 1998]:

I have just created a new Xfiles website called "The Definitive X-files Source". Like the title implies, I'm trying to make the site the most comprehensive site on the net in terms of Multimedia and other contents. There are items here you won't find on any other site.

Currently we feature: 1) 1min QT 3.0 streaming (in awesome stereo I might add) sound clips of ALL the tracks from both the "Songs in the Key of X" and the Movie soundtrack album. You will love it. 2) Over 140 quality thumbnailed pictures of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. 3) Complete collection of Xfiles WinAmp skins and much more (click on the xfiles image link on the left)

I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I would appreciate any volunteer webmasters to help me with the growth of the site as I'm just doing it for the love of Xfiles and i need ALL the help I can get. For example, the Bio page needs originality and I'm planning to put up 100 more pics over the next week plus a new Fan fiction collection. =) If you have any suggestion/comment please feel free to email me.


Xcel Producitons [4]

[July 26, 1998]:

HI, I have added close to 160 brandnew quality images and 2 gorgegous wallpapers created by James Fan <> to my every growing xfiles site:

The Definitive X-Files Source

Check it out...=)

I have 3 big original projects planned for the site so if you are interested in helping me out. Email me..It's gonna be big..hehe

Xing [5]

[August 14, 1998]:

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to present two new functions to my xfiles website

1) The Grand Opening of the "File Upload" function where you can contribute xfiles multimedia with minimal fuss by uploading them straight to us over the web! 2) Live Java Chat room for all the fans to talk about the latest news around the next season

In addition I have 1)hundreds of HIGH QUALITY (no gifs here..hehe) pictures of Gillan/David 2)Complete Xfiles WinAmp collection 3)QT 3.0 1min streaming stereo clips of Xfiles first two albums! Every track! 4)Xfiles parodies!!! (a 14 page comic book and 5 Got Milk? Spoofs of every main character) 5)High quality wall papers 4)Xfiles Screensaver

Upcoming: complete xfiles scripts of ALL 5 seasons..keep an eye for news on this section

Xing [6]

[August 18, 1998]:

Hi everyone,

Scripts for all five season is here!! Clearly layout and available in either word or generic text format. All the scripts are actually transcripts painstakingly typed out by devoted fans everywhere so take a look and show your appreciation by sending them a short email msg. All in all I'm missing only 7 scripts from all five seasons. Next on my to-do list is a brand new section dedicated to fanfiction. If you have any of the 7 scripts missing from this site or quality fanfictions, please use the File Upload feature of this site and upload them straight to us. =)

Xing [7]

[September 3, 1998]:

Hi everyone, Here is a list of what's new on my website <-The Definitive X-Files Source

  • X-Files Trivia Challenge Game free to download!
  • Complete Walkthrough of the Xfiles CD-Game
  • New WinAmp Skin by Paw Baltzersen
  • New PC Screensaver by nYcHen
  • 10 RealAudio interviews with xfiles movie cast members
  • Another high quality wallpaper by James Fan

We have just become the largest X-Files club on Yahoo! with 50 members in just two weeks! Come to the site and join.

Until next time, have fun and don't let the lies of the world cloud you judgement. =)


The Definitive X-Files Source [8]

Its Relationship to FanFiction.Net

A comment by Xing Li at "The Definitive X-Files Source" on September 21, 1998:

In the last online Poll many of you wanted a fanfiction section for my xfiles site. Guess what? XcelProductions has just acquired the rights to! You know what this means. hehe...FanFiction.Net is currently under construction but expect a fully automated online system within a few weeks. It will cover fanfictions of all kinds but Xfiles would be THE feature. ;-) Suggestions to the functionality of the site is greatly appreciated. Email me at for any comments/suggestions.

From a September 24, 1998 post by Xing Li to, a few weeks before FanFiction.Net opened:
Hi, Some of you probably know me as the webmaster of the "The Definitive Xfiles Source" Website ( but most of you have no clue. Well, I have just acquired the rights to and being the devoted xfiles fan I am, Xfiles will be THE FEATURE. =)

The site will be 100% ColdFusion for those techies out there. In another words, it will be FULLY automated. Ranking, Search, Submission, Editing, etc just to name a few. I'm working overtime to have the site open to the web community by November 8th.. (Just in time for the new Xfiles season ;-p) I would like to make it THE best possible fanfiction portal on the net and to do so I would love to hear some comments/suggestions from all the writers here on this newsgroup to what functions you would like to have. Your input is very critical and will help to shape the site. Thanks for your time...

Xing: Webmaster/CGI Programmer for The Definitive Xfiles Source and [10]


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