Lee Goldberg

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Name: Lee Goldberg
Also Known As:
Occupation: Author
Medium: Books, TV scripts
Works: Licensed tie-ins for Monk, Diagnosis Murder
Official Website(s): www.leegoldberg.com - Website + Blog
Fan Website(s):
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Lee Goldberg is a professional author who is outspoken in his disapproval of fanfiction,[1] calling fanfic writers, among other things, "lazy thieves."[2] He insists that his writing of tie-in novels is very different from fanfiction[3] and that fanfiction is "of course" illegal.[4]

Some fans, when discussing Goldberg, will elide his name, for example as "L** G*ldb*rg." This is to keep Mr. Goldberg, an infamous ego-googler, from finding the discussion and jumping in to flame the participants.

Some fans find him hilarious. Others, not so much.

Also see John Ordover Wars.


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