Lois & Clark Nfic Archive Interview: Where Are They Now? -- Erin Klingler

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Title: Lois & Clark Nfic Archive Interview: Where Are They Now? -- Erin Klingler
Interviewer: Annette
Interviewee: Erin Klingler
Date(s): 2001 or 2002
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
External Links: Lois & Clark, Archived version
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In 2001 or 2002, Erin Klingler was interviewed for the Lois & Clark Nfic Archive.

This interview was part of a series of checking back in with previous interviewees in the series: "Welcome to the Writer's Showcase *new* monthly feature!! Have you ever wondered what happend to your favorite writers? Are they still a part of FoLCdom? Have they moved on to bigger and better things? (Who am I kidding, there's nothing better than LnC!) Are they still writing at all? Well, look no further ... At the beginning of each month we will feature a previously showcased author, beginning with those authors who were interviewed by Annie Lansbury when she founded the idea and web site of The Writer's Showcase."

See Erin's previous interview in 1998: Lois & Clark Nfic Archive Interview with Erin Klingler.

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Some Excerpts

What have you been up to since the last interview?

Well, I've still been around FoLCdom, for one thing. ;) I'm still a general editor for the fanfic archive, which is a job I really love. I get to talk with so many great authors that way, and with my pull-your-hair-out-busy Real Life schedule, having a fanfic assigned to me to edit gives me the perfect excuse to read fanfiction without feeling guilty. :)

As for my personal writing goes--I'm still writing a lot of fanfics, but my current project is a third novel (and hopefully it'll be my first published ;). But I've often thought about what would happen if I did get published, and I still keep coming back to the realization that Lois & Clark fanfiction will always be my true love. :)

Although a FoLC is forever, are you still an active part of the fandom? What holds your interest now?

Yep, I'm still really active in fandom. I'm still coordinating the fanfic Kerth Awards, as well as doing my own web design, as well as web design for some friends of mine. I'm on several Lois & Clark mailing lists, and I love that association with all the fans of the show that are still around. I pop onto Zoomway's message boards from time to time as well, even though I seem to be more of a lurker than a poster there lately. <sg>

Are your tastes in fanfic, as well as your view of writing in general, different from what they used to be? Why?

No, not really. I'm still a hopeless romantic, and will always love those WAFFy stories.or at least the stories that have some great WAFF in them. :)

Has your view on the characters and the show changed, and why?

Definitely not. I loved the characters and the show back when it was on the air, and I still love it now. I don't always find the time to watch all the TNT reruns or my taped episodes like I used to, but Lois & Clark still holds (and undoubtedly will always hold) a very special place in my heart. Not only did I fall in love with the characters and the story lines the very first time I watched my first episode, but it was my first time every connecting with fans of a show on-line. That has made it incredibly special to me. :)

Open forum for author comments.

I've never been very good at these "open forum" answers. <sg> I will say, however, that all of you--my friends--that I've met here in fandom mean a great deal to me. You've all been such a huge part of my life that I can't imagine what my life would be like without you. Some of you have even become such close friends that we've met up in the real world and done things together. That has meant the world to me. :) And every single time I get an email from somebody in our fandom (fanfic related or otherwise <g>), it always brightens my day more than I could ever say. So THANK YOU to all of you out there who have made Lois & Clark on-line fandom such a wonderful, memorable part of my life. There will always be a special place in my heart for this fandom, no matter where my life may lead in the future. :)