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Pairing: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanova
Alternative name(s): Hawkeye/Black Widow, Blackeye, Blackhawk, Clintasha [1]
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The Avengers (comics), Marvel Comics, The Avengers Movieverse (MCU)
Canonical?: The pairing is canonical in the Marvel Comics 616 universe, but not in the MCU.
Prevalence: popular in MCU
Archives: AO3 works, The Budapest Archives (fanart)
Avengers Origins
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Clint/Natasha is a het pairing in the Marvel Comics 'verse and related Marvel Cinematic Universe, which pairs Clint Barton (Hawkeye) with the Natasha Romanova (Black Widow).


Marvel Comics

Natasha, originally a villain in early comics canon, convinced a young, impressionable Clint to join her and help her further her plans.[2] Clint quickly fell for her and followed her lead, and while she was only manipulating him at first, she eventually developed feelings for him too. She was a major inspiration for his joining the Avengers to "make amends" for his villanious past.[3] Natasha remained a Soviet spy for a while, becoming Clint's enemy, but unlike against the rest of the Avengers, she refused to fight him. Clint was the one who eventually broke through her brainwashing, though Natasha didn't join the good guys for a while yet.[4]

The pairing was broken up in the 1970s but they remained friends for decades. Marvel made them canon again in 2017, presumably due to the highened interest in the pairing thanks to the success of the MCU.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

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S.H.I.E.L.D. sent Clint to kill Natasha who at the time still worked as a spy for the KGB. Clint made a different call and the two develop a lasting partnership after Natasha joins S.H.I.E.L.D. The movies make a point of showing the two of them worrying about each other and villains such as Loki using their connection to manipulate and threaten them.


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Marvel Comics

The pairing hasn't been canon in the comics since the 1970s so Clint/Natasha was considered a rarepair for decades. While most people were only invested in their MCU versions, the movies brought in a new wave of fans who transitioned to the comics and continue shipping them in the 616 verse. There were only 3 Clint/Natasha fics hosted on AO3 before the MCU brought their relationship to prominence; that number rose to over 500 comics-verse fics by 2018.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

The pairing particularly became popular after The Avengers film, which indicated that Clint was the reason Natasha ends up joining S.H.I.E.L.D. and referenced their past history. Fans interpreted their shared scenes as well as several background details (Natasha's arrow necklace or her wearing Clint's hoodie) as romantic and many claimed the pairing would become canon in future movies.

The pairing was confirmed to be only friendship/partners in Avengers: Age of Ultron and no actual romance between them happened since Clint is married. Due to this and other canon established, the movie got a lot of backlash. Despite everything, the pairing remains popular, and Clint & Natasha started to being paired up together in a threesome pairing with Laura Barton.

The pairing is the most tagged het pairing in the MCU fandom, though they only appear as a background ship in a significant portion of those fics.

Common Tropes and Fanon

  • Arrow Necklace: Fanworks inspired by the arrow necklace Natasha was wearing during CA:TWS.
  • Budapest: Several fanworks have attempts to explore an exchange between Natasha and Clint in The Avengers film in which Natasha says "Just like Budapest all over again!" and Clint responds "You and I remember Budapest very differently."
  • Backstory: Fanworks exploring either or both characters' backstory, often taking cues from the comics, other times starting from scratch.
  • First Meeting: The first time Natasha and Clint meet, most often not taking cues from the comics.
  • Hurt/comfort: The h/c roles switch fairly often.
  • Secret Marriage: They either get married in secret or have a long-established marriage the rest of the team doesn't know about.
  • Partners/Buddycops: Working as partners before or during their time with S.H.I.E.L.D., whether they're romantically involved or not.[5]


  • Blackeye, Blackhawk and Clintasha are all common pairing names for the ship.







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