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Despite the near-ubiquitousness of LOLcat images on the Internet at large, the LOLcat fandom is not yet widely popular on its own in fanfiction and fanworks other than aforementioned image macros, as evidenced by the recurring eligibility of the LOLcat fandom for the Yuletide rare fandoms gift exchange fic challenge.

However, the appearance of LOLcats in non-image-macro fanworks of their own, and the number of fusions or crossovers with LOLcat fandom has been growing substantially in recent years. Enthusiasts have gone so far as to create Livejournal communities devoted to image macros showing pictures from popular media fandoms captioned in LOLcat.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] Not all posts have been able to pull off the dialect with complete success, but some[8] have been very effective.

In April 2011, to assist fanfic writers in writing more in-character LOLcat (which they term "Native Cat") dialog, Fandom Grammar devoted a post to LOLCAT for Fanfic Writers, which covered some of the intricacies of LOLcat dialect and syntax.[9]

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