Trying to Communicate

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Title: Trying to Communicate
Author(s): Sam Starbuck
Date(s): posted May 5, 2008
Length: ~1500 words - 10:25 minutes (podfic)
Genre(s): humor
Fandom(s): Torchwood
External Links: originally posted at LiveJournal
archived at Dreamwidth
archived at AO3
Podfic read by waldorph at Audiofic Archive
Podfic read by fangirlproductions at Audiofic Archive

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Trying to Communicate is a short fic with a marvellous hook (an alien cat visits the Hub, it tries to communicate); its URL has been shared outside of fandom. As of 4 December 2010, the story has 29 pages of comments at its main URL.

Author's summary: There's an alien in the Hub, and it's trying to communicate. This borders perilously on crackfic.

Trying to Communicate has been podficced multiple times — by waldorph[1], by the podficcing collective fangirlproductions[2], and by elaineofshalott[3]. "Mark Does Stuff" on YouTube also posted a reading of the story.[4]

Icons stating, "I HAS A YANTOE," refer to this story.


This story spoils a major plot development from mid-season two.

Recs & Reactions

  • "the story that breaks fandom boundaries and pulls in folks from everywhere to read it. It's funny. It's pop culture. It's Torchwood, so it just might happen. it because the dialog is witty, charming and touching; the plot is solid and plausible; the characters are spot on. Be warned, drinking beverages while reading this may be hazardous to your keyboard."[5]
  • "I recommend not eating or drinking whilst reading/listening to this one. There's a feline alien who's communicating in lolcat who has crashed into the Hub and the whole thing is just marvelous. I also really recommend the podfic-- waldo did lovely with the voices and especially did lovely with the cat's dialogue [...]"[6]


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