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Some characters in fanworks are said to suffer beautifully,' or a variation thereof.

Examples of Use

We all have that masochistic streak that loves to see our heroes suffer in our fantasies (and they do it so well).. [1]
It's possible that Avon is tortured (in stories) more often than Blake because he suffers more... prettily. You can imagine him becoming so lost in his own pain that he has to be more or less led out of it by the hand. Pain seems to sharpen Blake's focus, where it weakens Avon's. Blake, under torture, can be admired, sympathized with, even pitied, but he isn't like to arouse even Servalan's lust. I can see her torturing him, while Avon looks on, to get off on Avon's pain, though. [2]
You name it, McCoy has suffered it: whips and chains, imprisonment, disease, malnutrition, broken bones, broken spirit, blindness, amnesia, public dishonor, betrayal, rejection, all manner of shuttle crashes and disasters, loss of loved ones, loss of self-respect... But not to worry, Bones, you'll pull through -- stronger than ever, better than before... And so it goes with fan fiction and our dear, dear Dr. Leonard McCoy. Even DeForest Kelly recognizes Bone's Bad Luck, shrugging his shoulder and saying, 'Maybe he was just meant to suffer. [3]
Let me state for the record that I am a Spockie, and in fact such a Spockie that I not only empathize with Spock, I become Spock, and I have ridiculously little tolerance for Spock being made to suffer in any way. I am well aware that many of you enjoy reading about Spock suffering beautifully, so I am certain that those of you would enjoy this book as much as I despised it. [4] can count me among the H/C ... aficionados. Maybe it's because it strips away all the socially necessary masks and lets us see what lies beneath. Or maybe it's because Starsky suffers so well - oh god those writhing hip movements - yeah grab for that thigh or that belly. [5]

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