Danny Whimpered

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Title: Danny Whimpered
Author(s): JoBeth
Genre: slash
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
External Links: http://www.sg1hc.com/archive/5/dannywhimpered.html

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Danny Whimpered is a Stargate SG-1 story by JoBeth.

Reactions and Reviews

The premise of this story is that a fictional "author" is trying to write a "Danny-whumping" story but keeps being interrupted by comments from canon Daniel and the rest of the team. They appear as fictional characters, rather like muses within the story, and object to the "author's" characterisation and cliched plot devices.

The story is labelled as "humour" and the author is attempting to parody the genre of stories that fall under the "Danny-whumping" banner. Humour is a very difficult genre to write successfully as an author walks the fine line between what is funny (which differs from person to person) and ridicule. One of the problems with this story, in my opinion, is that the story is so short - only 500 words - and this isn't really enough room for the story to develop its humour effectively. One result is that the author tends to hurry, forcing the reader's attention to her points rather too obviously and I think subtlety would have worked more effectively in some places. Another problem with this is that some readers might interpret the story as an attack on other types of stories within fan fiction but I don't believe this is the case. The author is merely, as far as I can see, having a lighthearted look at a particular genre and means no offense by it.

However, all that being said I quite enjoyed this short story and did find it amusing, especially the final

scene in which the whole team go off in disgust while the fictional "author" happily continues writing her cliche-ridden story in defiance of canon and even of the opinions of the characters themselves. In its favour, it's short, wastes no time getting to the point and consists mostly of humourous dialogue between the fictional writer and the various canon characters of Stargate SG-1, a device which I tend to like. If you like stories that talk about fan fiction in this reflexive manner, with the aid of the characters as muses who appear within the story to comment on the author's story as it progresses, then you might enjoy this story. I must admit, however, that humour is not a category of fiction I find I'm very good at detecting or enjoying - my sense of humour seems to differ quite a lot from that of many readers - so any prospective readers should take that into account. [1]


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