a lieutenant colonel is being beaten

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Title: a lieutenant colonel is being beaten
Creator: thingswithwings
Date: 12.3.2008
Format: digital vid
Length: 3:02 minutes
Music: I Wanna Be Your Dog by Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Genre: whump, meta
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Footage: Stargate Atlantis
URL: a lieutenant colonel is being beaten

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a lieutenant colonel is being beaten is a SGA vid about John Sheppard by thingswithwings. It concentrates on the many scenes in canon in which John is on his knees and can be seen either as "non-consensual BDSM" [1] in which he secretly loves the pain or as a whump vid with sexual undertones.

This vid attempts to prove that "John/pain is totally the SGA OTP. And unlike other OTPs? This one is acknowledged by the camera and the writing all the time!"[2]

There are other vids that explore Shepwhump in the show, such as Oh My Johnny by lilly_the_kid and for some reason, all the time bleeding by busaikko, but a lieutenant colonel is being beaten is the best known.

Recs & Reactions

  • "This is the ultimate John subtext vid for me. It is genius. It is a ten page meta essay. It is like a slap in the face, visceral and undeniable. This is John on his knees, slapped around and liking it, craving it. It made me all shivery and breathless to see the John in my head brought to life. No matter if you know the source, if there is a bone in your body that appreciates s/D dynamics, watch this. I swear you will not regret it. [...] This is part of why I love John Sheppard to a ridiculous degree. He is the prettiest sub in two universes. He looks so good on his knees it is unbelievable."[3]
  • "John Sheppard. Who spends a lot of time on his knees. This vid makes me seriously worry about the show's creators..."[4]
  • "SGA generally feels shiny and candy-colored to me, and I love that about it, but this vid twists it in a different direction -- suddenly it's gritty and dirty, instead. The vid explores John's complicated and oddly sexual relationship with violence; the summary is "Sheppard really does spend a lot of time on his knees," and, um, yeah, I can't really argue with that. *g* There's some serious Shep!whumping going on here. I especially like the black-and-white beginning and then the leap to color—and I'm amazed by how the vid recontextualizes clips I know perfectly well, and in so doing strings them into an entirely different narrative. Awesome."[5]
  • "Pain, pleasure, domination, masochism, submission. I LOVE this video too much for words.
From the comments:
[T]here are two ways of reading the vid. One is the thing where John gets beat up, it's kinda hot, and he kinda likes it [...] but the other one is about the way the camera eroticizes John in pain/on his knees/beaten up. And that second reading does make for a much creepier vid
The camera eroticizes John in pain: It does. It really, really does."[6]
  • "Uh, John is on his knees and gets hit and tied up all the time. Bloody/submissive-John doesn't usually turn me on, but I find this vid fascinating, and also hot. It's hard to argue against the sexualization of violence that this shows in the source material."[7]
  • "I insta-recced this the millisecond I saw it because it is quite possibly the most intense, brilliant meta exploration of John and Pain, as seen throughout several seasons of the show. Plus, JOHN WHUMP. It is always delicious and oh, Iggy Pop for Atlantis! It is definitely a fun romp you do not want to miss if you haven't seen it before. From the LJ post: John really does spend a lot of time on his knees."[8]

Visual Aids

Screencaps from the vid:

beaten by his Doppelganger
of course he likes Larrin
tied up and collared
beaten by Teyla (with sticks)


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