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Title: Singularity
Author(s): Enina
Date(s): 2015-04-13 -
Length: ~760K words
Genre: Dark, Future fic, WIP
Fandom: The Flash (comics)
External Links: Singularity:Divergence on Ao3

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Singularity is a fanfiction series written by Enina. This work features the pairing of Barry Allen/Leonard Snart from the Flash comics universe.

Barry is robbed of his powers and locked away in Iron Height for a crime he didn’t commit. Years later, shunned from his former friends and family, he is released on parole and has to try and rebuild a life for himself. It doesn't take him long to realize that he isn't as alone as he thinks, and he learns that, sometimes, people aren't what they seem and that one can find kindness in the unlikeliest places.

Singularity: Divergence, completed in January 2019, consists of 125 chapters and 759,965 words. The story is to be continued in part two, Singularity: Convergence.

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