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Fan Comic
Title: Roommates
Artist: AsheRhyder
Date(s): June 30, 2007 to Current
First Published:
Fandom: Labyrinth & Phantom of the Opera and many others
External Links: Series starts Here, further issues scattered through her Gallery along with similar fan-art.
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Roommates is a a fan comic drawn by AsheRhyder posted at Deviant Art which is a mashup of a number of fandoms, but which began with Jareth from Labyrinth and Eric from Phantom of the Opera moving into an apartment together. Their neighbors were soon revealed to be from other fandoms: Inspecter Javert from Les Miserables and James Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean, among others. And it turns out that the loves of Jareth and Eric's lives live there as well--Sarah Williams and Christine Daae live upstairs, and are constantly getting in arguments with the two men for spying on them.

The strip inspired Pika-la-Cynique to start her own strip, Girls Next Door, which focused more on the girls and their adventures in the apartment complex.

The strips have gone on to include a number of fandoms, including Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Good Omens, Legend and many others.