Love Never Dies

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Name: Love Never Dies
Abbreviation(s): LND
Creator: Andrew Lloyd Webber
Date(s): 2010
Medium: musical theatre
Country of Origin: UK
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Love Never Dies has a very negative reputation in the fandom [1]. The most common reasons cited by fans are OOC/poor handling of all the characters, nullifying Erik's redemption arc, protagonist-centered morality, saturation with badfic cliches (Erik/Christine secret night of love resulting in genius child, drunk gambler Raoul, Meg and Madame Giry being here for no reason) or just inferior quality of lyrics and music in comparison with its predecessor. Even fans who don't have a strongly negative reaction usually like the musical in a "so bad it's good" way. Most fics based on Love Never Dies are parodies, fix-its or stories about Erik bringing up Gustave after Christine's death.


  1. ^ The nickname "Paint Never Dries" given to it by a reviewer, was later adapted by the fandom