The Chandelier

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Title: The Chandelier
Date(s): 1993-2000 at least
Medium: print
Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Language: German
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The Chandelier was a German-language Phantom of the Opera zine.

Cover of the issue #1, artist Sybille Schenk


The magazine is primarily in German, and includes fanfiction and fanart as well as film and stage show reviews and occasional interviews with Phantom-related personalities.

Each issue of The Chandelier had a front and back cover except for issue #4, which didn’t (for no reason I’m aware of, it just doesn’t - printing error, maybe?). It was circulated by a private Phantom fanclub called The Phantom’s Underground based out of Hamburg.

A neat feature of The Chandelier is that each issue is registered with an individual ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), meaning that they officially exist in magazine and journal databases! Most smaller databases don’t include all ISSNs, but you can look The Chandelier up in WorldCat or at [1]



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