Mask and Mirror

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Title: Mask and Mirror
Publisher: Karin Willison, editor, and the Phantom Appreciation Society
Medium: print
Fandom: Phantom of the Opera
Language: English
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Mask and Mirror is a het Phantom of the Opera fiction anthology.

Reactions and Reviews

For those of you on the Phantom of the Opera mailing list (accessible through Karin's Web site), many of the stories here will be familiar. But even so, there are a few new gems (including stories by professional writers, like Madeline Baker aka Amanda Ashley, author of EMBRACE THE NIGHT, and frequent fanzine submittees) and, at last, hard copies of those hysterical Phantom music spin-offs. While not having much in the way of illustrations, MASK AND MIRROR offers more poetry than I have seen in recent POTO fanzines and a higher degree of humorous content in any I've read beyond HARD AS LIGHTNING, SOFT AS CANDLELIGHT. [1]


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