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  • Nanzine (Star Trek, "Are there any of your still out there who have something to say? Where is the old guard?)" proposed in 1998
  • Naughty Bits (proposed in 1991, not the same as Naughty Bits, "This K/S zine will be based on gentle humor... having fun, poking fun but not making fun. There is a difference. Would like artists and authors who have a good sense of humor.")
  • Naughty Bubbles (2002, "R/NC-17 stories which involve, in one way or another, a character (or characters) winding up in a bubble bath…doing pretty much whatever you want." Green Dragon Press)
  • Necessary Roughness Sequel (Scott Bakula, 1993, by Regenia Marracino and Carlotta Vaughen, "Squiggle Press," - From a 1993 flyer: "Flat-top is out for revenge against the man he blames for all his troubles, but Paul Blake's past, dredged up by the media circus surrounding the Armadillo's defeat of the #1-ranked Colts, carries pain of a different type. When the team, gathered at Paul's ranch for a Christmas celebration, is trapped by a flash flood, they find themselves in a struggle to save Paul not only from the injuries of a beating, but from the memories that haunt him as well. Yes, now that we've gotten DARE TO DANCE THE TIDE in print, we're turning our attention to writing a sequel to Scott's movie NECESSARY ROUGHNESS. And enough interest has been indicated so far that this won't be for us only. If you're interested and haven't already sent us a SASE, please do." -- From a 1995 flyer: "No, it's not ready. Yes, we're STILL working on it" See above for flyers.)
  • The Needs of the One (Star Trek: TOS, "a one-shot devoted to material related to ST:SFS. High-quality fiction, poetry, and art sought, especially that focusing on the triad. Yes to K/S, but please, no sex for the sake of sex," Satori Press, 1984)
  • A Nesting Of Gudarks (Star Wars, pre-slash, 2005)
  • Nether World (1992, "Accepting short stories, art and poetry. R accepted no X. Multi-story zine. in the horror and fantasy genre. Sharon Reynolds.")
  • Network 23 (Max Headroom)
  • Never and Always, Touching and Touched (Star Trek, 1984, Infinite Diversity Press, "An adult ST zine seeking submissions of fiction & poetry. No forbidden themes or degree of sexual explicitness. However, plotless sexual fantasies not wanted. No "form" humor (e.g.: pun-end stories, parodies, etc) but situation humor is welcome.")
  • Never Mock the Cookie (2002, Green Dragon Press, "G through PG-13 stories in which a character pokes fun at fortune cookie fortunes…with disastrous results! Crossovers welcome; small and orphan fandoms welcome.")
  • Never to Hear the Wind (Star Wars, by Lorraine Bartlett and Darla Doxstater, 1984, "There's an Imperial infiltrator on the Alliance base on S'Koya. He's worked his way through the ranks and his next promotion will bring him closer to his ultimate goal, Mon Mothma. This is an alternate universe story which takes place after TESB.")
  • Nevertrodden Worlds (Spockanalia was to be split into two fanzines. One was Masiform D and the other was "Nevertrodden Worlds," to be published by Sherna Comerford Burley.)
  • New World Tales (multimedia, " Attention comic book fans! New World Press present the comic in fanzine form. All new, all original stories in anthology format. Solo heroes, team action, even sci-fi! What more could you ask for? For more details send SASE to New World Press... Publication date: June 1992.")
  • Next Assignment (1993, Counterstrike letterzine of fiction and fan comments, Our Little Secrets Press)
  • The Next Generation (1988? Star Trek: TNG, editor was Helena Seabright, "Story submissions of all lengths from novel to short-short, as well as poetry of any length, articles and commentary, illustrations of all kinds including cartoons, are solicited. They will be accepted or rejected solely on the basis of quality, appropriateness to the theme, and the feasibility of contributor and editor working together to obtain a superior result without strife and acrimony. Your work will be carefully edited only where necessary, however, you have the final say on what is published, and can OK the final manuscript. Deadline for THE NEXT GENERATION will follow anthology book publishing practice: only after I receive enough high-quality material to publish will I set a date with my printer. This avoids compromising quality." See flyer above)
  • Night and Day (1992, Ladyhawke, "A zine dedicated to the movie Ladyhawke is accepting stories, poems, filks, art, etc. for publication. Emphasis on adventures and romance before and after the movie took place. Adult material will be accepted. TM&C Productions, Julinda Watson & Michele Amason.")
  • The Night of the Irish Eyes (gen, 1990s, Wild Wild West, a novel by Susan Beasley who died before it could be completed, "a heart-tugging novella about Artie and his fierce Irish cousin Katie." Lindbergh's Legacy Press)
  • The Night Watch (Blake's 7 adult zine, 1983)
  • Night of the Living Friskys (a Halloween issue)
  • Nightwings (see image on this page) (1995, multimedia characters as vampires, slash, by Jane of Australia)
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (1995, due South, based on the episode The Deal. "Francesca reveals the truth of her 'liaison' with Fraser to Ray, and Zuko returns for vengeance. Zuko never promised Ray he'd be safe. This story is early completed, as well as being verylong. No Good Deed is basically a Zucko's revenge story. After Ray beat the shit out of Zucko, the local Mafia boss, did anyone really think Ray was going to be safe? Oh, yeah, plenty of angst in this one. It's partially inspired by the fantasies of a fellow Dueser in Canada, who is far kinkier in her tastes that me and is spurring me on to greater heights of depravity (I won't say depths — it's an art form!), and illustrated by someone in Seattle, so this is very much an international effort." Was to have been published by IIBNF.)
  • Noblesse Oblige (a Mark Lenard newsletter proposed by Mary Stacy-MacDonald, 1984)
  • Northern Lights (due South, was to contain the story "Blood Red" which ended up in The Last of a Breed)
  • Not Even Related ("Rollaway Ben Press, publisher of the Alternate Lifestyles of the Rich/Famous is pleased to announce the takeover of 'Travesty Press,' publishers of the 'Not Even Related' series of Simon and Simon unzines.")
  • Not Just Luke (Mark Hamill, "Artwork, poetry, open letters, and stories... The subject is Mark and all his portrayals... In fact, though Luke may be strong with the Force, very little of him will be allowed in. So put your thinking caps on. There's so much more to Mark. Remember, he's NOT JUST LUKE!," 1984)