Naughty Bits (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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You may be looking for The Naughty Bits, a multimedia zine.

Title: Naughty Bits
Editor(s): Anna Parrish
Date(s): February 1989
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Naughty Bits is a slash K/S 153-page anthology. It was later republished in 1992 with a slightly different cover as the first issue of Candlelight and Flames.


  • A Scene We Never Saw by Vary Higgenbottom (3)
  • The Fog by Mergwin (4)
  • Virgin Territory by St. John and Anna Parrish (39)
  • First Sight by Gena Moretti (49)
  • Reunited by Anna Parrish (72)
  • Satisfied Hunger by St. John (104)
  • A Sacrifice of Love by Sarah Two Foxes (111)
  • Pock by Annie Rooney and Gena Moretti (117)


  • Asunder by Linda Frankel (1)
  • Tricked by Sunlight by Linda Frankel (2)
  • Sacrafices (sic) by Martha Shortgraves (3)
  • Forever and a Day by Martha Shorgrabes (34)
  • Becoming One by St. John (39)
  • Secret Yearnings by Jessie Eden Brown ( 101)
  • Limericks by Anna Parrish (103)
  • Shadowy Visitor by Martha Shortgraves (109)
  • Untitled by Karla Kelley (150)
  • If Silence is Golden by Anna Parrish (150)
  • Nightmare by Anna Parrish (151)
  • Fal Tor Pan by Karla Kelly (152)
  • Why I Love You by Karla Kelly (152)
  • Accidentally by Martha Shortgraves (153)

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