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  • Xanadu (multimedia)
  • Xeno-File (Alien)
  • Xenology 101 (paranormal stories, 1994, by an editor of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea zines)
  • Xistential Tales (1999, X-Files, by Homosapien Press, "relationships-of-all-kinds anthology")
  • Xpect the Unexpected (X-Files, gen)
  • Yakkity-Yak (multifandom, slash, letterzine, "This zine is for fan letters (pro & con) for all slash fandoms including circuit stories, K/S, B/D. We are now requesting letters from slash readers. When enough letters are obtained to produce 2 zines, we will advertise it for sale. All letters must be typed. Please give title, author, zine name and publisher. Criticisms welcome but please don't get nasty. What would you rather receive? A pat on the back or a hatchet in the spine?")
  • Yngland's Boc (Robin of Sherwood, part of Saxon Chronicles)
  • Year of the Rat (X-Files, 1999, "Well, we did it once, so we had to do it again. From the team that brought you M/K Ultra ... Sugar Rush, in association with MAVERICK PRESS, announces a new zine now open for submissions... Year of the Rat An All-Krycek Slash Zine. Yup, you read that right. A whole zine devoted to our favorite one-armed man. I know M/K and K/Sk will probably be the preferred pairings, but I would like to see some variety here. AU, crossovers, original characters all welcome. Use your prodigious imaginations!! Proposed publication date: MediawestCon, May 1999")
  • Years of Fieldwork (1995, Indiana Jones, Criterion Press, "collection of Indiana Jones fiction from the O.S.S. Series by Jeannie Webster and Sally Smith.")
  • You Can Call Me Al (1993, Quantum Leap, Moon Magick East, "Straight QL, looking for stories during any point in Al's life, or put Al in a leap.")
  • Your Law, Not Mine (1993, Street Justice, Our Little Secret Press, "We're looking for missing scenes, stories, poems, art etc. based on this Cannell series. Deadline open. Adult stories okay. No slash. Crossovers very welcome.")
  • You're Out of Your Mind! (1992, "a one-shot War of the Worlds zine with an emphasis on the aliens, first or second story. You heard that right! Our heroes can play a big part of these stories, too, but we'd like the emphasis to be on the aliens for from an alien point of view." Our Little Secret Press)
  • Yukon Extreme (due South, slash, 2002, from Otter Limits Press, part of the series with Northwest Passage and The Brothers Kowalski)
  • Z.A.P. ("a zine dedicated to shows that were zapped by the networks before their time. Genzine. Preference given to orphan fandoms. 1st season SeaQuest stories welcome here. Planned for Spring 97.")
  • Zine Acres: It's the Zine to Be (1991, Green Acres, "From Ted Koppel's "Nightline": Big happenings in Hooterville: Farmer Ziffel adopts 5 new pigs — we'll have Arnold's reaction to no longer being an only child. And this just in: Green Acres gets its own fanzine, edited by Dave Marshall! Submissions to Dave's Sty", then again in 1993 by Bill Hupe)
  • Zero Point Module (unknown)