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  • Gaidheal (1994, Highlander, short stories, filks, novellas, poetry and artwork)
  • Galactic Castaways (see image on this page) (1991, Lost in Space, was to be published by Criterion Press, "Galactic Castaways is a serious LIS all- fiction fanzine looking for stories with the feel of the early first season episodes -in short, the way Allen should have done the show! I'm looking for serious fiction, humorous stories (no slapstick, please), stories that blend action with characterization. Submissions should use the entire cast, not just Will, Dr Smith and the Robot! Explorations of relationships between the members of the extended family are also welcome." In 1992, "Now accepting submissions of fiction; artists needed; tentative publication late Spring, 1992. A serious LIS all-fiction fanzine looking for stories with the feel of the early first season episodes—in short, the way Allen should have done the show! Submissions should use the entire cast, not just Will, Dr.Smith and the Robot! Please submit on IBM compatible disk (in ASCII format) and save my poor fingers! Artists, I need you, too!")
  • Galactic Chronicles (see image on this page) (multi-media, "rated PG-13, no explicit K/S", 1987, one story became a separate zine called A Storm in Every Port)
  • The Game’s Afoot (Sherlock Holmes, possibly with crossovers with Starsky and Hutch)
  • Gaslight (mystery, media, "Gaslight was going to be a mystery fiction zine for mediafen. What I didn't know at the time was that mystery fandom was going quite well on its own, although the zines generally mirrored the science fiction style of zines rather than Trek and media zines. This zine dropped into obscurity around the same time and the same way as Falconer." -- My Life in Fandom - Deb Walsh's Zines - Planned Titles That Didn't Happen, Archived version)
  • Generic K/S (1985)
  • The Generic Zine (1982, slash, fandom unknown but it was proposed in Hanky Panky so possibly Starsky & Hutch, publisher was Pacific Fruit Express, there is a slight chance this zine is Generic Zine)
  • Genesis: The Boys Who Became the Men of the Rat Patrol (Rat Patrol, gen, anthology of stories exploring the lives of the Patrol and Captain Dietrich before the war)
  • Ghyste Mortua (Tanith Lee, 1988, "Oh, this one was painful. Based on Tanith Lee's Kill the Dead novel, which Blake's 7 actor Paul Darrow declared was based on the characters of Avon and Vila, this zine was going to be my masterpiece. I had amazing stories - oh, fabulous stuff. Gorgeous art. It was going to be massive. I was exploring special black mailing envelopes, and I was designing a special insignia to use for wax seals on the envelopes. And I got involved in a very pleasant letter correspondence with the publisher of Daw Books, Donald A. Wolheim. Lovely man. I think I may have written originally to find out if there was any chance that Kill the Dead might be reprinted, because at the time it was becoming very hard to find. I mentioned the zine, he was thrilled. He mentioned the zine to Ms. Lee, she was appalled. She was very concerned at that moment in time that any hint that her novel - which was currently out of print - might be construed as stepping on BBC copyright. The zine died a sudden and definitive death. Much of the work I'd accepted found its way into other zines, but I could not publish it." -- My Life in Fandom - Deb Walsh's Zines - Planned Titles That Didn't Happen, Archived version, see more about similar zines at TPTB's Involvement and Interference)
  • Giant Prehistoric Lizardfish (Quantum Leap, 1994, from Del Floria's Press)|Del Floria's Press, "Well, we had to call it something, and all the good names, like Lover's Leap, Oh Boy!, and Green Eggs and Ham etc, were already taken. (Be nice -- it could have been worse.) A collection of QL stories and art.")
  • A Gift for Martin ("a genzine dedicated to Martin Shaw and his many characterizations in movies, television and theatre. Fiction, poetry and artwork needed based on various roles," it was to include a story by Adam Jenson, 1985, Bev Lorenstein)
  • Gimme Blake (gen, Blake's 7, 1988, 4M Press, to have been a sister zine with Avon, Anyone? and Vila, Please!)
  • Goblin Market (1992, Labyrinth, "In that LABYRINTHine mind of Jareth, King of the Goblins, there must be more mischief. This zine is seeking stories, poetry, art, etc. on the light and dark aspects of His Royal Gobliness's personality. Adult material will be accepted. Send SASE for more information. TM&C Productions, Julinda Watson & Michele Amason.")
  • Going Down (2000, slash, Titanic, " To broaden the scope of the Titanic zine, GOING DOWN, I've decided to add in any stories in which your favourite slash pair are 'going down'. This means it doesn't have to be a Titanic-period piece, nor do they actually have to be on the Titanic. <g> Just be 'going down' in some fashion. Boffing in the elevator, anyone? So, put on your thinking caps, pick a pair of slashy guys and go to town! Then send the stories to Let's make this zine a reality!")
  • Going Nowhere Fast (1997, Sockii Press, "A Nowhere Man zine. Just like Strange Luck, this show was too good to let die after one season. What's next for Thomas Veil? Who is he really? Is there anyone or anything in his memories he can trust? Did you really hate the season finale and want to write your own ending for the show? Humor, h/c, romance, serious pieces, artwork, articles - I'll take anything, so long as it's good quality. Will go to print if/when enough material is accepted, and there is enough interest in the project." see flyer image above)
  • Gold Buckle (see image on this page) (gen, 1993, Stoney Burke, "prose, art, poetry for those continuing adventures of Stoney Burke and his cohorts as they ride on the Professional Rodeo Cowboy circuit")
  • Gonomony (Star Trek zine from 1970, "It never saw the light of day as all contributions were destroyed in a basement flood.")
  • The Good Doctor (1987, Star Trek: TOS McCoy centric, editors were Vel Jaeger and Toni Hardeman, ""A proposal for DK fans: A collection of "Best of Bones" stories. Fellow DK fan Toni Hardeman and I have long discussed the need for really good McCoy stories all in one place. They're so few and far between that it's not possible to sit down with one zine and have a really good Bones wallow. I'd like to have members' nominations for their favorite stories to be included in such a collection -- we have our own favorites, but know there have to be many we've missed. We even have a title: "The Good Doctor." Hard to believe that one hasn't been taken yet.")
  • Good Night, Love (2003, The Sentinel, "the previously-net posted Jim/Blair series by Saraid, updated and edited," Agent With Style)
  • The Gothen (Doctor Who)
  • Gotham Nights (animated Batman series)
  • The Gothan (Doctor Who)
  • Granny's Cookie Jar (multimedia, "non-sexual... This zine should be the kind of zine grandmothers will love and youngsters under the age of ten will understand and enjoy. So far, we have three old gen Star Trek, a Power Rangers, and two non-media science fiction.")
  • Green Light! (unknown)
  • Grimoire (2000, Angel fiction by LJC, see image flyer above)
  • Guy's Gang (see image on this page) (1987, letterzine for Robin of Sherwood with a focus on Guy of Gisbourne)