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  • D'Alliance (multimedia, gen, with a focus "on poetry... treated in a format which I believe will be new to zines," 1983. Content was to be be Hicks, Hamilton, Huff, Thomas, Paulson, Sasscer, Martynn and others. See D'Alliance Open Letter. This zine caused quite a bit of controversy, some of which can be read about in Universal Translator #23)
  • Dances with Dief (1995, Due South monthly newsletter, there was to be no cost for this zine, but the publisher (Kimberly P) requested donations to off-set postage)
  • Dark Man (Star Wars, 1979, a "Darth-zine," by Jonas Soderblad, written in Swedish)
  • Dark 'n Stormy Leaps (Quantum Leap, 1994, from Del Floria's Press, was to have been a sister zine to the proposed zine "Doom 'N' Gloom Affair". "Both straight and "/: stories and art accepted, which might just give you a whole new meaning to "Gooshie, center on me Sam!" Oh, yeah!")
  • Dark of Night (slash, 1994, Quantum Leap, from "Dark Side of the Leap Press," "A different kind of bedtime story for those Leapers who want something they can sink their teeth into.")
  • Dark Side of the Tooniverse (explicit het and slash, multimedia animated)
  • Darkover Coloring Book (1977, proposed by Friends of Darkover)
  • The Darkover Journal of Psychogynecology (Darkover, 1978, "AVAILABLE SOON:- THE DARKOVER JOURNAL OF PSYCHOGYNECOLOGY. (Project mentioned in Ambrov Zeor #6). The Guild House of the Free Amazons, all of whom work in the "helping professions" are currently involved in this project. They request manuscripts, poems, comments and ideas as well. For more information, SASE:- Joan Laucius. Arillin Guild House Council [address redacted]. PLANNED RELEASE DATE: Summer 1978")
  • Datalore (Star Trek: TNG, devoted to Data, gen to slash, was to have a story by Jean Kluge, art by Marty Siegrist and Melody Rondeau, 1989, Xenon Press, see flyer above)
  • Day of Disappearance (Without a Trace, "Day of Disappearance was a planned Without a Trace genzine. In the early years of Without a Trace, I was an enthusiastic fan, and in fact, stuck with the show up until its untimely end. But I didn't keep up with the fandom, having more or less dropped out of media fandom in 2004. When I was active in the fandom, my favorite place to hang out was Your Tax Dollars at Work, but it's been so long since I hung out there, my account has disappeared." -- My Life in Fandom - Deb Walsh's Zines - Planned Titles That Didn't Happen, Archived version)
  • Day of the Bounty Hunter Collected (gen, Blake's 7, 1997, by S.R. Mowatt, see flyer above)
  • The Day They All Came Home (Star Trek: TOS, gen or het, to have been published summer of 1985 by Orion Press, novel by Linda McInnis Goodman, "It's one fan's sequel to STAR TREK III - THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK.")
  • Day Code (Wiseguy, 1990 a one shot, Almond Press, "This one-shot Wisely zine is now accepting submissions of stories, art and poetry covering Vinnie, Frank, Uncle Mike and the characters they've met along the way. No slash, but adult themes are okay as long as they are not explicit. (This will be a No Age Statement Required zine.) Stories and poetry oust be typed, double spaced and all submissions must be in by 28 February 1991. Publication for MediaWest 1991.")
  • Days of Future Past (1991, Total Recall, "This new all-fiction zine plans to fill-in-the-blanks and expand upon, the Earth/Mars 2086 universe. Seeking serious speculation on Cohaagen/Hauser/Kuato origins, establishment of Martian society and the Agency's subsequent control over it, what were the first signs of rebellion and what happens now that the rebels have won? Or was it all a dream? A tough film demands a tough zine, and this one is rates PG-R and beyond (please see Days of Future Past-Blue for adult oriented submissions), writers; please submit a 1-3 page synopsis; artists please send sample. If you've always wanted to let your imagination run wild, now is the time. Submissions open thru 2/15/91 for 5/91 print date." Pop Stand)
  • Days of Future Past - Blue (1991, Total Recall, ""It should also be said that, despite the tantalizing possibilities inherent in the Venusville gimmick, this is a sexually conservative movie. I mean, a whorehouse on Mars - what an idea to waste! In the same vein, the movie shrinks from pursuing an even more interesting subtext. There's just the faintest suggestion in Quaid and Cohaagen's scenes together that they could have been lovers in Quaid's former life. Bringing that to the foreground would certainly have given their climatic face-off more pizzazz, and it probably wouldn't even have disturbed the audience much..." Planned as a companion piece to DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, submissions based on any creatively induced tangents sparked by the above are enthusiastically encouraged. This will be an adult fiction-only zine. Writers; please submit a 1-3 page synopsis; artist send sample." Pop Stand)
  • Days of the Young and Restless on Another World (soap opera, 1995, Mary F. Wardell (pub), "Okay, soap opera fans, I know you're out there! Haven't you ever wanted to fix what's gone wrong in your favorites soap? Or gotten the perfect idea for a plotline the producers weren't intuitive enough to realize they should follow? Send me your stories, your poetry, your artwork, and help me put together the first (so far as I know) zine dedicated to the dramatic shows of the daytime! No slash please.")
  • Dead Letter File (1986, Simon and Simon concordance by Kathy Retz and Christine Jeffords, "[1987]: the S&S Concordance has been delayed again due to the overcrowded schedules of both editors. However, we are in the semifinal stage (typing up) of production. The indispensable item for every S&S completest includes episodes synopses, cast lists, broadcast dates, writer/director credits, factual information on San Diego and its environs, and an exhaustive encyclopedia of the people, places and things that have played a part in the brothers' lives and cases.")
  • Dead Reckoning (1995, Quantum Leap, gen, CJR Press, "In this post Mirror Image novel, Sam and Al find themselves together on a foundering vessel at sea. Battling the weather, faulty equipment, and a mysterious passenger, our heroes eventually must confront the ultimate challenge.")
  • Dear Red Shoes Diary (1995, Red Shoes Diary, ""Do you keep a diary?" Jake cordially invites you to send him your diary and to share your fantasy with other lovers. Criteria is simple: it should be your fantasy, you should be in it (change your name, flatter yourself), then tell us about that special person haunting your dreams - the one from tv, film, stage. As on the Showtime series, the only restriction is no same sex stories. NOTE: Should there be sufficient interest/submissions of quality, we will consider a non-media collection of gay and lesbian stories. Let us hear from you is this is your preference. Send submissions to JAKE: RED SHOES DIARY by 15 March 1995. How often do you get to visualise your fantasies? With love from Jake ... and Stella." See flyer image above)
  • Defenders of the Night (Gargoyles anthology, was to contain one RGB crossover)
  • The Delphinian Chronicles (1978, Star Trek: TOS, offered by Theresa Holmes, "Top quality mimeo with some offset illos and fold-outs, with an estimated page count of 100.")
  • Deneva (Star Trek TOS, some 1978 comments by Randy Ash in Falcon's Lair: "Now I'm going to ramble on about a new zine that I have become involved with Deneva, by John Broadbent, Maybe some of you remember John from early issues of Sehlat's Roar, and I'm sure you remember the plugs for Deneva in SR. They kept reappearing, remember? Well he's finally gotten his shit together and if the dummies that I've seen are any indication we may have another INTERPHASE on our hands, I not just saying this because I happen to have illustrated a story in it or because I happen to be the one that painted its gorgeous full-color cover (I surprise myself sometimes, you know?), I'm saying it because I sincerely think that it's true, John is another one of these very talented people who have been, for the most part, hiding in the closet. I'm glad more of them are coming out! It's going to have fiction by Paula Smith and Leslie Fish's latest wild and looooooooong tale and much more. There should be a flyer enclosed for Deneva, but in case you don't get one here's the address and I urge to send an SASE, If you miss it, you have only your self to blame!" -- Some April 1979 comments by Theresa Holmes in The Oracle Speaks: "We hope to have this one out by 2-Con. Keep fingers crossed because I've got a lot of artwork to do for the first part (of two) of Leslie's The Elf-King's Daughter. I'm plugging away, but sixteen illos? All to be reduced? Ouch. Oh well, I asked for it." Also, see flyer image above)
  • Desert Enough and Time (set in WWII European Theatre of Operations; crossover with Garrison's Gorillas and Rat Patrol)
  • Desperate Voyages (multimedia, 1993, from Barkie Yorkies Outlaws Ex-Press, "Everybody has problems don't they? Zine features the trying times of the Enterprise (Classic or ST:NG). GUIDELINES: Stories of hurt-comfort, drama,mysteries, adult themes wanted. No "/", explicit sex, or profanity please. Art & poetry also wanted.")
  • Deus Ex Machina (Star Trek: TNG)
  • Different Senses (slash, 2000, The Sentinel, J/B A/U or crossover zine - AngelWings Press)
  • Dirty Ditties & Sexy Sayings, or Stairwell Stutters in Disguise (1988, Australian)
  • Dirty Harry: The Last of the Dinosaurs
  • The Dispatch (1989, the four-times-a-year newsletter for The Unofficial Bob Dowdell Fan Club, articles nad letters of comment, to have been published by Kathryn Agel)
  • Divvie (1995, "Seeking submissions forth is all LOVEJOY zine. Stories, poetry and art must be based on A&E series, not the book series. NO slash but will consider almost anything else," Queen's Press, Ann Walton (pub))
  • Do You Call This Archeology? (Harrison Ford)
  • The Dome Cycle Collected (1996, Blake's 7, slash, "Oblique is currently putting together a small volume featuring all parts of The Dome Cycle by M.Fae Glasgow, edited into a single novel. Although there will be some rewriting, this will not be a necessity for anyone who has read each individual installment of the Cycle in the Oblaques. However, The Dome Cycle is intended to appeal to those who would like to have a nicely designed package of it in one place. Expected publication date: Late 96.")
  • Done to Death (1997, slash, death stories, focus on Sentinel, Due South, Pros, Quantum Leap, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Sentinel, by Agent With Style)
  • Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me (1996, Kiefer/Lou/Lost Boys, the third zine in the series with Lost in the Shadows and I Still Believe.)
  • Don't Look Now... aka The Attack of the Vampire Media Melons (1990, multimedia, "This proposed horror story zine is open to any fandom's favorite characters caught up with creepy, crawly, slimy, gooey, ghostly, psychic, archetypal, etc., creatures, aliens, forces, entities — you get the idea? The important thing is that the story be a good horror story first, so that it can be enjoyed and shivered at even by readers not familiar with the particular characters involved. Anyone brave enough to try the elusive horror/humor symbiosis is also welcome to submit -- hey, if it works, why not? Again, art and oddments are also being solicited!")
  • Don't Say the L-Word (1993, Quantum Leap, het, "Ever notice that the minute someone says the word 'love' to Sam Beckett, they end up in bed with him? Did you ever wonder what kinds of situations that little quirk of his may have led to? This zine revolves entirely around Sam's reaction to that word.", September Star Enterprises)
  • Don't Touch that Dial (1995, MacGyver, "any genre, esp, new series")
  • Don't Touch that Dial (2000, Unicorn Press, multimedia, see flyer image above. "I can accept submissions on 3.5 disk (IBM compatible) in ASCII format. Please send hard-copy along with disk. Typed submissions should be double-spaced. Neatly handwritten is also acceptable. No slash, please.... Any program that was or is on television is fair game. So far, an X-Files by Trish Wilson and Equalizer by Borden/Hayden. Please note, we will not accept any Babylon 5 stories," the B5 comments have to do with that fandom's restrictions on fanfiction, see that page)
  • Doom 'n Gloom Affair (1994, slash, Man from U.N.C.L.E., Samizdat Press, anthology. "There's long been an unwritten rule in UNCLE fan fiction: do anything you like to Napoleon and Illya in a hurt/comfort story, but don't make it permanent. Don't kill, maim, or mutilate them, always let them recover. As usual DPF/Samizdat took a long look at this rule and chucked out the window. Stomped it into the floor. Smashed it. Crushed it. Left it to whimper and bleed copious gallons of blood, gore guilt, and general agony all over the sidewalk in front of a certain tailor shop in the Lower Forties. "The Doom'N'Gloom Affair is devoted to the h/c that was too heavy to be published anywhere else. If you're looking for the ultimate in tear-jerking, heart-twisting, angst-ridden Napoleon and Illya stories, THIS IS IT!. The Doom 'N' Gloom Affair will be bound in an appropriately depressing black cover, attached to a which will be a black bookmark ribbon, a bandage and real package of tissues (which we suppose says just about everything we need to say about this zine.) Our line-up so far includes Eros (author of City of Byzantium, a 1989 Fan Q Nominee: Best Novella) and who has promised a wonderful h/c story and a hilarious satire; Debra Hicks (author of Two Hawks, Dancing, 1989 Fan Q Nominee: Best Short Story); Alexi Tesla (author of False Images and Ghost Writers in the Wind, 1989 Fan Q Nominee: Best Short Story), and others. Expected size is 300 pages. (Maybe we'd better make that two packets of tissues, hmmm?) Absolutely no limits will be placed on authors or artists concerning story content or graphic quality of art, except -- not kitty torture. If you've always wanted to write that really super "Let's trash Illya or Napoleon" story, now's your chance!"))
  • Double Episodes ("Two full-length Space: 1999 adventures: "E.T.A. to Alpha: Unknown" and "Return of the Taybor" written by Bonnie J. Yoman, 100 pages of text alone! plus complete and original artwork by Jeffrey Smith, 50 orders must be received to warrant publication costs. ORDER NOW for summer '80 distribution.")
  • Double O Sam (Quantum Leap/Indiana Jones, a zine that was to be in a trilogy)
  • Double Vision #2 (1985, Star Wars, Lando-centric, from Blue Jay Press, see flyer above)
  • Dracula 1467-1982 (1981, "based on the "curse of Dracula" segment of the "Cliffhangers" TV series," Winifred McBeth)
  • Dragonfen (1975, Dragonriders of Pern, "Ms. McCaffery has given the green light and her best wishes. For this fanzine, DRAGONFEN, to succeed, the editors are requesting that anyone who would like to participate in it get in touch with us. They will need help on it, as they can't do it alone. A format has not been chosen yet. They're waiting to see what kind of response the idea gets.")
  • Dragons (2003, Starsky & Hutch, slash, "Movieverse!!! Starsky & Hutch movie is out and funny and we loved it.... SO, we're scoping for movie universe Starsky and Hutch stories (slashy as all get out more than welcome) for a new zine to be titled DRAGONS (if you've seen the movie, you know why......) Guidelines for devious developments press at:")
  • Dragons Speak (Pern, a zine written from dragon's viewpoints)
  • Dream Worlds (Star Trek: TOS, first proposed in 1978, stories that focus on the the episode, 'Shore Leave,' T'Kuhtian Press. From a 1978 ad in Warped Space #37: "Art, poetry, and prose taking place on the 'Shore Leave' planet. Contributors include Paula Block, Kelly Hill, V.M. Wyman, Cheryl Rice, and Signe Landon. Projected publication is Winter/Spring '78/'79. Estimated length of zine : 200 pp. Limited Edition -- only as many copies as are ordered will be printed. To reserve a copy, send $5 and one s.a.s.e. as soon as possible; you will be notified of any additional amount and postage needed just prior to publication." From 1985: "DREAM WORLDS is an upcoming STAR TREK fanzine comprised of poetry, prose, and art taking place within the context of the "Shore Leave" episode and concept of the Shore Leave planet, and material based on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION'S holodeck are also welcome. Both new and previously printed material by a variety of contributors is planned; submissions are still open. We're planning to get it out soon. $2.00 and a s.a.s.e. will reserve your copy before publication.")
  • Dreamplane (Earth 2, "Earth 2 remains one of my favorite fandoms for fan fiction, and all of it originated on the net. In fact, my novella Context was written entirely for posting - a first for me. I've toyed off and on over the years with doing an Earth 2 zine, and Dreamplane has always been my preferred name for it. But in addition to dropping out of fandom before I could get it off the ground, I also have not yet written the sequent to Context. Ideally, I'd like the zine to be built around Context and its sequel, so I guess until it's written, there will be no Dreamplane." -- My Life in Fandom - Deb Walsh's Zines - Planned Titles That Didn't Happen, Archived version)
  • Drool (multimedia (some Simon and Simon), to have been published in England, 1985)
  • Duel Productions ("A fiction zine dedicated to the many characters played by Pete Duel (except Hannibal Heyesj. Deadline August 1990." Our Little Secret Press)
  • Dunfall Rising (1996, Dragonriders of Pern, "DUNFALL RISING, a new fantasy zine inspired by Anne McCaffrey's Pern series, seeks dragonriders, holders, crafters and other personae to contribute stories set on a shared timeline. SUNFALL RISING is distributed electronically ONLY to members of the online fanclub Sunfall Weyr. For information about how to join the fun, contact Senior Weyrwoman Yannia... Weyrleader R'nier... or Weyrleader Second K'rin.")
  • Duo (Star Trek:TNG, "K'Lar, the Klingon emissary, joins forces with Deanna Troi when they both lose control of what they depend on most.")
  • Dusky Knights (1990, multimedia, by Alys and Sandy Herrold, "All slash zine, in the tradition of Mobile Ghettos and Mixed Doubles. "Now accepting submissions of fiction and art. No firm restrictions, just convince us it could have happened. Prefer longer stories, 8 pages +. No K/S, but any other "/" fandoms are than welcome. PROS, HERE COMES THE BRIDES (Joshua/Aaron), and MFUs stories already promised. ")
  • Dusty Studs (Young Rider, 1991, "The zine that got started because the title was too damn good to waste, Is there anyone else out there who's addicted to a western character development, specifically THE YOUNG RIDERS? If so, we'd love to hear from you. There are a zillion good plot lines that the show hasn't gotten around to. and we're looking for a few of them! Oh, yes. Let us emphasize! NO SLASH! (Yes, we know there are half a dozen tasty young men in that bunkhouse, but really...) So, if you're interested in writing, drawing, kibbitzing on just how tasty the bunkhouse IS, or providing support, do drop us a line! This zine has another open-ended deadline — we'll set a date if we think it'll fly." Marg Baskin)
  • Duty and Honor (Rat Patrol, gen)