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  • Obsession X (Star Trek: TOS, 1983, a zine "of X-rated stories, art and poetry focusing on the life of James T. Kirk." It was to be a sister zine to Obsession)
  • Obsc'zine #5 (Star Trek: TOS, proposed in 1995)
  • Of the Golden Light ("Judson Scott zine with an emphasis on his Phoenix character," summer or fall 1984, Jeanine Hennig/Galactic Winds Press, see flyer above)
  • Off the Beeton Trek (1993, War of the Worlds, "A one-shot all WOW humor zine. Send short stories, missing scenes, vignettes, lists, cartoons, anything that's cute, funny, hysterical, etc. Crossovers are okay.")
  • Off the Cuff (1982, light bondage, slash, Starsky & Hutch, "I need stories, poetry, artwork, and so forth. The theme? Heh heh heh. Bondage, ladies. And let me make it perfectly clear right from the outset that I’m not interested in S&M or anything approaching it. I’ll take serious stories, playful stories, humorous stories, whatever… but don’t give me S&H hurting each other. Ok? No whips, chains, tit clamps… you get the idea. I think bondage is a game Starsky and Hutch would enjoy occasionally, and I’d like to get stories with that attitude. This will be a very limited print run, and quite cheap, as well. I don’t want to offend anyone, and there are plenty of fans who just can’t handle the concept at all.")
  • Off the Scale ("Excitement…emotion…and ghosts off the scale! Who could ask for more? Join the Egon, Peter, Ray, and Winston as they kick ethereal ass in this all new Real Ghostbusters zine.")
  • Old Zine With New Tricks (gen, 1987, multimedia, "And I'm now accepting submissions of stories of any length -- from 2 pages and up. No poetry, please. I will consider artwork, please send copies only and if possible, make them 8X5 (letterzine size or smaller)... Primarily I am interested in the following M&Mc, S&S, Professionals, S&H, Riptide, MV, and A Team.)
  • Omicron Theta (1989, gen, "Devoted solely to Star Trek: The Next Generation... will have a strong emphasis on Data, but we fully welcome stories and artwork on the other characters as well. This zine will be a minimum of 150 pages, possibly more, so there is plenty of room for you! Projected publication date is spring of '89, which leaves plenty of time to dust off the typewriter or sketchpad...")
  • On the Hill (1982, Hill Street Blues fiction, the editors say "MTM says they're not endorsing us, but not going to sue or try to control us either.")
  • On the Q.T. (Star Trek: TNG)
  • The Once and Future Who (1992, Doctor Who. "CK. Let's face the hard facts boys and girls—the BBC is not going to give us anymore of what we need! So, where we gonna get it from? You, of course! Let's have sate stories about the Doctor in his regenerations #8 through #13! looking for a September 1992 publication—so there's still plenty of time to get in that story and artwork! SASE rre for guidelines. B. Lynch Black.")
  • Once in a Blue Moon (Star Wars)
  • Once More With Feeling (1992, Starsky & Hutch, from 10-13 Enterprises, "The theme is to be what they do best — policework. The fiction can be straight or slash, of any length, crossover universe or mainstream, but it must be primarily concerned with the job they do and how they do it. I'm not asking for police-procedurals. We don't need to know the ins and outs of departmental practice. The provisional deadline — October '92, but that can be flexible. I will even rewrite the cat-and-dog story...for it. Unless I get a better idea, anyway. New writers will be given encouragement. Artists -- if you are willing to illustrate specifically or generically, let me know.")
  • Once Upon a Knight (1996, Forever Knight, "formally "History Knight," an eight-zine series, with each issue covering a different century of Nick's life. The stories do not have to revolve around Nick, but they must remain in the time frame of 1200-1990." Forever Knight Canada)
  • One from the Heart (Star Wars)
  • One Night Frisky ("Passionate one-night stands of couples who don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of staying together.")
  • Open Channel D (1983, Man from UNCLE, Del Floria's Press, "a fanzine devoted totally to those two intrepid undercover agents of derring do: Illya and Napoleon... Adult fiction will be considered if well-written and not gratuitous (and if Illya gets the girl for a change). So far, we have 'The Magnificent Thief Affair'... Other possible stories by Schlien, Pateron, Galasson [Galasso?], Dickerson, Virgil, Beatty, Cargill, and Berger. Aprox. 150 pages.")
  • Open Doors (multimedia)
  • Operation "Wolfsbane" (1985, an Airwolf letterzine, see image above)
  • Orbital Resonance (The Professionals)
  • Organia #2 (Star Trek: TOS and Star Wars, het, gen, and slash)
  • Other (1982, gen, to have been published by Cathi Brown, "This is a media zine with a scfi slant, though not necessary to have your story accepted. Also original material is sought. So far work by Hansen, Schlein and Melton are lined up, along with two stories by Hailey, Which include scfi, BG, WWW and Little House. Would love to have some submissions dealing with Hawk... Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea...Doctor Who...Star Wars! SASE if interested. The front cover will be a fantasy Hawk piece done by Bonnie Reitz.")
  • The Other Shoe, Cave In, Grandstand (Harrison Ford?, 1984, "...and a crude dude art portfolio. Submissions of art, fiction, and poetry being solicited.")
  • Out of the Wormhole (Star Trek: DS9, 1993, Lee Falcon, "A DS9 only zine is open for submissions of action oriented and/or character developing stories. Also looking for artwork (and a better name for the zine!). Send stories printed, double spaced and (if you can) on disc in WordPerfect or compatible format.")
  • Out of this World... Moonbase Alpha Summer Space: 1999/Science Fiction Journal (Space: 1999, 1978, "$5 for three issues starting this summer. All materials welcome -- photos, artwork stories, poems, etc. Also advertisements. Will publish as much materials and letters as possible. SASE to Alphan/1999 and Science Fiction Fan Club c/o Diana Sue Majesty [address redacted]")
  • Out There Thataway (Star Trek: TOS humor, 1983. It was to be a two-volume zine, one for "straight Trek, the other for K/S fans.")