Forever Knight Canada

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Fan Club
Name: Forever Knight Canada
Dates: 1990s
Founder(s): Tracy Essam
Leadership: Tracy Essam
Country based in: Canada
Focus: Forever Knight
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Forever Knight Canada was a Forever Knight fan club out of Toronto, Canada.


Proposed Zines (1996)

The club had some ambitious plans for more zines, but they appear to have remained a twinkle in the club's eye. See proposed zines.

  • "Endless Love"
  • "Whatever Happened to..."
  • "Impossible Knight"
  • "If the Walls Could Talk"
  • "Hot-Blooded"
  • "The Music of the Knight"
  • "Holiday Knights"
  • "Once Upon a Knight" (formally titled "History Knight")
  • "The Forever Knight Cookbook"
  • "Whom Gods Have Favoured"
  • "Forever Undecided"
  • "Alternate Beginnings"