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  • Happy Holidays (Star Trek, 1985, "needs holiday-oriented ST stories, art, cartoons. Already have lots of Christmas and Halloween material. How about African, Japanese, Jewish (Spock eats matzoh?), Soviet, Vulcan, future holidays?")
  • Happy Trails (1993, old cowboy movies, edited by Rowena Warner, "Believe it or not, I have found out a Roy Rogers fandom does exist, but I'm not sure how wide spread it is. I have been buying his movies on videotape, and have written a couple of stories with ideas for more. I would like to do a zine, but first need to know how many people would be interested. There's a possibility it would also contain some Hopalong Cassidy stories, but then again, that may be a whole different zine. The cowboys are returning with a bang and cons are popping up everywhere! If you want to read about Roy, Dale, Trigger, Gabby Hayes and the villains, of course, drop me a SASE and let me know you're interested.")
  • Hard-Favored Rage (War of the Worlds novel, by Esther Reese. This is a unique resurrection story that negates everything Mancuso Jr. tried to do...and more. Don't miss it! Due out for MediaWest 95.")
  • Haunted Dreams (Poltergeist: The Legacy, gen)
  • Hawaiian Styles (Jake and the Fatman, 1990, Our Little Secret Press, "stories, vignettes, poems, art, puzzles, trivia, fun stuff, Los Angeles or Hawaii settings, crossovers, humor, drama, h/c... just about anything! (no "/" please)" )
  • A Hawk in Passing (Star Trek/Star Wars, a MacShannon story. "There's trouble on the home front, and McCoy becomes the target of wanton advances," 1984)
  • Healing Heart (Beauty and the Beast (TV), "All Season Three B&B. A single novel devoted to the expansion and development of the relationship between Vincent and Diana Bennett. There is some historical alteration to the events of the last three episodes of the series. Rated R, or possibly mild X (requires an age statement either with your SASE, or at time of order). Estimated publishing date early 1991.")
  • Heart's Blood (Vampires)
  • Heart's Blush (1997, multifandom, het adult, "suggestive to graphic material accepted, but submissions must be 'adult' in nature and orientation m/f", Wild Side Press)
  • Heartlands (2003, K/S, from Jane of Australia, "Note: JADE is working on a set of ToS bookmarks at this time, and meanwhile Jane is still investing what spare time she can wrangle, to produce the K/S volume HEARTLANDS. It's just taking longer than we expected because personal matter ("real life" ... little things like home, family and work) keep intruding!" - [1])
  • Heartstrings (1986, a memorial collection of Toni Cardinal-Price's work: "We are planning a collection of her best stories & poetry, hand-picked from the body of work she produced during her almost 10 years in fandom; we also have 2 never-before-published stories, one of which Toni had been working on at the time of her death for publication in the next issue of NOME. We hope to intersperse the stories with excerpts from Toni's personal correspondence to other fans. The cover will be done by Parnes.")
  • Heavenly Connections (1993, "art, fiction, poetry for media and original characters with deals with positive encounters with 'the other side,' near-death experiences, friendly ghosts, reincarnation, good witches...", Mary Ann B. McKinnon, see flyer above)
  • A Hell of a Good Universe Next Door, (ST, a collection of the works of Lynda Carraher)
  • The Herald (1995, Robin of Sherwood "A new zine devoted to adult themes. We are seeking in-depth stories that center on the characters dealing with not only the hardships of their daily lives, but also the struggles of the inner self. Believable sexual relationships of any kind are welcome, but plotting is essential." -- Satyr D'Nite Press)
  • Here There Be Dragons (ST, James Kirk goes on a journey to prove the existence of dragons)
  • Hero Sandwich (media superhero)
  • Hidden Agenda (1991, War of the Worlds, to have been edited by Anne Elizabeth Zeek and Deborah June Laymon, "HA accepts fiction from both seasons, but especially the first season. No "/" or X-rated material will be accepted, but that still leaves room for scenes that are R-rated in nature. Look at "He Feedeth Among the Lilies" for an example of the outside parameters for sex scenes. As for Gore, let's not go the way of this summer's movie crop, okay? Use good sense and good taste, guys...If interest in WOW continues (and why should it not? Now we can do it right!!!), we are considering making HA yearly or bi-annual.")
  • Hidden Journals (Poltergeist: The Legacy, slash)
  • High Frontier (Star Cops, 1993, Rose City Press)
  • High Tide (1990, Riptide, gen, fiction, poems and art, Tristar Press, "stories, article, poetry, artwork (pencil acceptable). Humor and crossovers welcome. Plot encouraged. Publish date: as soon as I've got enough material.")
  • The Hike (Battlestar Galactica, "The Hike' is an action-adventure [story] centering on Apollo, Sheba, and Boxey; a prequel to 'Change of Command.' Enjoy the story of a father and son coming to understand and respect each other.")
  • Hint of Mint (multifandom, "an adult companion to EBTKS, material from R-X, all universes accepted," this zine became Adult Situations)
  • Holding (1996, characters played by David Duchovny, X-Files, explicit (probably het), see flyer above)
  • Holiday Knights (1996, Forever Knight, "set during the festivities, of a recognized holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. and must involved at least one of our central characters. Stories set in any time are welcome." Forever Knight Canada)
  • Hollywood Beat (1985, gen, letterzine, "It's for the new series "Hollywood Beat!" I'm hopeful for response to this new fandom oriented series. It has the look of Starsky & Hutch, yes S&H. Help me get a start by writing LoCs, or you artists, draw a nice piece of art and let me print it," Totally Television Press)
  • Home for the Holidays (1993, Starsky & Hutch, gen, het, slash (no explicit), anthology of Christmas and Chanukah material, to be published as a sister zine to Frienz, "This is not just a Christmas zine, any Holiday will do. How about Arbor Day (involving the tree Hutch gave Starsky?) The Fourth of July (memories of childhood, for example?), Halloween (scary stories, or humorous?) And, UK and overseas fen ---- It's not just US holidays wither. So, put on some thinking caps. Poems, vignettes, short stories, S&H as kids, episode fill-ins. Now, don't tell me you don't have any ideas. No graphic sex please.")
  • The Homecoming (see image on this page) (Star Trek: TOS, a sequel, happening ten years after the war between Ormenel and the Federation, 1979, "The war between the Ormenel and the Federation has ended. Prisoners are exchanged; lives are rebuilt. Roan Morgan and Tavia Nelson are two who must face personal conflicts arising at the war's end. THE HOMECOMING is an anthology of stories with a common them -- the recognition of one's past and the willingness to make a bold step into the future.")
  • The Honorable German (Rat Patrol, "while Dietrich does not have to be the hero, he must be shown acting with honor.")
  • Hooyah! (1997, Space: Above and Beyond, fiction, art, poems, missing scenes, vignettes, no slash by Neon Rainbow Press)
  • Hop on Pop (1998, Whatever You Do, Don't Press, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues fiction, "for all those sick folk out there who want to see Peter/Kermit, Pop/the Ancient, heck, even Stenlich/Blake! Anything goes! Pick a pairing and get to work!")
  • HORTA (Horrendous Organisation of Relevant Trivia and Anecdotes) (1977, two fans "are attempting to compile a "British-styled Concordance")
  • Horta-Culture (1992, Star Trek, "an all-Horta one-shot zine. Before you laugh, consider the possibilities. I don't expect this to be a large zine, but surely there is enough potential and interest to fill one small zine." Tim Blaes)
  • Hot-Blooded (1996, explicit het, Forever Knight, "devoted to the erotic and sensual allure of each of our characters. Because of the nature of this zine, there will be scenes of explicit sex and/or graphic violence. An age statement may be requested. prior to purchase." Forever Knight Canada)
  • How Often Do Miracles Happen? (Battlestar Galactica novel, 1982)
  • Hyper/Warp (Star Wars & Star Trek fiction, 1981)


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