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  • pm (post-malodaar) (1990, Blake's 7, gen, Signe Hovde/Most Inappropriate Press, "pm will explore the ramifications of the B7 episode 'Orbit,' which holds a perverse fascination for many fans. In some ways, the episode is more painful than the debacle on GP two episodes later. What happened on GP was (arguably) and accident. What happened on the shuttle between Malodaar and Scorpio was not. A zine focusing on the events surrounding 'Orbit' will bring together that which is best about fandom: A multitude of perspectives on a single topic.")
  • PO 343-PO 434 (ST/SW, "You'll need 3-D glasses for this one!", 1985)
  • PS (1995, ST & ST.TNG ("Submissions being accepted for this x-rated same sex stories from either classic Trek or ST:TNG zine. (We have a contributor swearing a Beverly/Uhura story!) No K/S though.")
  • The Pacific Connection (V letterzine
  • Paging Doctor Blake (Blake's 7/Doctor Who, 1989, Robert L. Collins: "B7/Dr. Who zine, from Kansas; and that it had been cancelled, with a note: "Everything was lost to the Tornado. In other words, it's gone with the wind.")
  • Paradise Found (gen, 1985, Magnum, P.I., fiction, poetry, artwork)
  • Parlor Games (Dark Shadows)
  • Partners in Crime (1995, Otter Limits Press, multifandom, "A collection of stories featuring Cop, Enforcement, Detective, Spy, Good guys, and Bad guys type stories from all times and places. Fandoms will include: MUNCLE, X-Files, Starsky & Hutch, Department S, 21 Jump Street just to name a few.")
  • Pathways to Eternity (1992, Doctor Who, "A PG-13 fanzine open to all genres, with main emphasis on DOCTOR WHO. Tentative publication date, February 1992. Send all typed submissions/inquiries, along with a SASE to: Infinity Press, c/o Julie Jay.")
  • Patterns of Time (Blake's 7, 1988, "From Shadow Productions" and Theresa Buffaloe and Janet Paderewski, "All submissions must take place in historical time periods. No fantasy settings no "before the fall of Atlantis" scenarios, please. All stories much take place in actual places or fictitious locales representative of the actual place and time. The B7 characters must exist as born and 'bred natives of the time. ie: What if Blake had been born in colonial America. What if Avon had been born in Ancient Rome? What if Del Tarrant had served in Vietnam? Especially interested in pieces under 20 pages though longer stores will be gratefully considered. Filler art needed! Got an urge to do Vila as the Dodger? We'll take it! Want to draw Travis as a gunslinger or Servalan as Queen of the Nile? We'll give it a good horne! Pen and ink preferred. Pencil and charcoal will be considered on their reproductive value as well as artistic merit (If the printer can reproduce them clearly, we can't use them)" See flyer above.)
  • Pendragon's Trek (Star Trek, gen, adult, "Will consider any theme except those involving the death of main character," 1984, out of Australia)
  • Perfect Fusion (75% Star Wars and 25% other, and all-adult Trek, see Organia)
  • The Perfect Switch Affair (1995, author: Vivian Arney, "A MFU novel. Waiting for art. Join Napoleon Solo, Mr. Waverly, April Dancer, and Mark Slate as they race against time to stop Thrush from destroying Illya Kuryakin-along with the rest of the world! Worse yet, Illya refuses to help!")
  • Pern Parody Zine (Dragonriders of Pern, 1992, "stories, art, just about anything!," StarRise Press)
  • Perspective (1985, "a two-part fanzine. The first half is a letterzine where you can air your opinions, insights, and spurts of brilliance on any fan topic in this or any other universe. In other words, anything goes! You determine the content. Fanzines are so expensive, it's nice to know what you're getting. Submissions to part 1 to Black Unicorn Press, KL Smithline... part 2 to Caitlin Rothermel, Lace Neon Press" note: fandom is not specified. A 1986 statement in Southern Enclave: "Due to a severe lack of material, publication of my letterzine, "Perspective," will be suspended indefinitely. Promises are just not enough and it's a shame that something as valuable to fandom as a letterzine must be shelved due to lack of contributions. Anyone interested in keeping "Perspective" afloat, please send your letters, articles, poetry, ads, fanzine reviews (on any fannish subject) to...")
  • Perverse Pleasure (1995, due South, very explicit slash, from IIBNF, "Part One: Benton Fraser and Ray Vecchio become inadvertent victim of some crazy's vendetta against all the perverts in Chicago." "Part Two: Still tracing the path of corruption upwards, Ray reveals some unique talents. Fraser is not certain whether to be impressed — or horrified. (Includes the already infamous maple syrup scene) [1]." "Part Three. Just as Fraser and Ray start to settle into their new relationship, it appears that it may be destroyed permanently. Some one from Ray's past provides a lot of answers to Fraser's unanswered questions, but it appears too late to save either of them.")
  • Phantoms of Time (Phantom of the Opera, 1995, Off-Note Productions)
  • Phoenix Rising (MacGyver letterzine, 1994, "Bumblebee Press is currently accepting letters, zine, and story reviews for a brand new letterzine featuring our favorite troubleshooter. Want to get in touch with other Mac fans? Read a Mac story or zine and want to tell us how good (or how bad) it was? Here's the place to do it! Topic for issue #1: Introduce yourself! Tell us who you are and how you became interested in MacGyver.... Let's keep the flame alive!" See flyer above.)
  • Pictures in the Dark (1990, Beauty and the Beast (TV), Debra L. Hicks, art by Janine. Approx. 150 pg. novella + short story. Available late Oct. 1990.")
  • Pipe Dreams (1991, Beauty and the Beast (TV) novel, "When Narcissa must be moved from her chambers, a mysterious talisman takes Catherine, Vincent and their friends below on a journey from Paracelsus to poker.")
  • A Place Before Mine Enemies (1997, War of the Worlds novel by Gillian Holt, Neon Rainbow Press, "A second season resurrection/correction tale. Ironhorse and Norton survive, Kincaid and his cronies are enlisted into the fight, and the Blackwood Project regroups for an even more deadly battle.")
  • Playrebel (Blake's 7, adult, 1979, was to have been created by Anne O'Neill)
  • Playing Doctor (Star Trek: DS9, an all-Bashir zine, around 1995: From a 1994 submission request: "Stories focusing on Dr. Bashir. GENERAL-AUDIENCE, so no explicit sex! Or as the editor sez: "writers will have to content themselves with discreet 'fades to black'".." [2])
  • Plomik Soup (1977, gen, Star Trek: TOS, the editor was to be Lisa J. Weiner)
  • The Plot to Kill Starbuck (1988, Battlestar Galactica, Clean Slate Press, "An old enemy and a new one make a deadly combination. And the race is on... to the agroship? Starbuck can't do it on his own, but he's in no condition to ask for help.")
  • The Poll Book ("questions concerning fanzines, fandom, and Star Trek in general," 1978, Hungry Tribble Press)
  • Possibilities (K/S, "Explore all aspects of the K/S relationship, ranging from friendship to explicit sexuality. Let your mind wander free to those ideas you have never before set down on paper. The possibilities are endless," 1984. A 1985 update: "We finally made a flyer which was recently displayed at the Most Eastly Con Labor Day weekend. As of this time all SASEs that had been kept on file in my home has received this flyer (and an updated flyer on the ST stationary) and been mailed off.... A story contest had been placed on the Possibilities flyer for the best story to match the ad pic. Anyone interested can send an SASE for the flyer at the above address. We are still looking for artists and/or poems. The deadline for submission is February 1, 1986." -- Cheri Tripp and Lucille)
  • Prehistoric Chronicles (1985, multimedia, "A new proposed saga from Totally TV Press! Using your favorite characters in the Stone Age. Such characters as Amanda Kind, Kennith [sic] Hutchensen [sic], Thomas Magnum will be included. It will provide the reader with relationships, action, adventure and a romance or two. Being written by Clark and Cathy Mason.")
  • The Present Day Affair (1992, MUNCLE, Fruit Press/Wayward Press, slash, "What are Napoleon and Illya doing in the 1990s? Are they still with UNCLE? Or have they ventured into less dangerous professions? Are they together (of course!)? Separate (heaven forbid!)? Lovers (yeah!)? Friends (best, I hope!)?")
  • Prima Donna (1993, Quantum Leap, "A one-shot anti-Donna zine. How does Sam get rid of her? Still in the planning stages, but it wouldn't hurt to get in touch and ask for details.", and "A mostly—for-fun zine, featuring the women of Project Quantum Leap. Stories can be humorous, vengeful, or complimentary. Sam and Al as major characters are certainly welcome. Status: I have a nice amount of subs, but still not enough for an entire zine.", Moon Magick Productions)
  • Prism (1985, Captain Scarlet, to have been published by Purple Unicorn Press)
  • Private Madness (Professionals, slash)
  • Procedural Complications (Numb3rs, slash)
  • Phoenix Rising (1997, Mercedes Lackey, "Okay,I've begged-and pleaded with you but now I ask out of the kindness of your heart that you help me," the trainee says to the gathered people, Herald and trainees alike. "Many of you have asked questions about PHOENIX RISING but no one does anything but that. Number One is almost finished. And it has a great collection of stuff but I still need YOU," Herald -Trainee Elyssa says once more before dropping into a chair, suddenly exhausted. PHOENIX RISING is almost complete for the May deadline, but without you we can do nothing. Send all questions, comments, subscriptions and work..."
  • Profile: V (1992, V, by the Ruggles Sisters, "A complete episode guide, over 30 character profiles from Visitors to Resistance Fighters. Freedom Network Bulletins, and a page of terms. Compiled from the mini-series and V: The Series.")
  • Promethea One (1985, "a fanzine devoted to the original works of fan artists and writers... art and stories of a Fantasy/SF/Horror nature," advertised in Jelly Baby Chronicles #4)
  • Protostar (Star Trek: TOS focus on Chekov, 1987, editor: Berkeley Hunt)
  • Pulmonata (1980, "a new zine of ST, sf, fantasy & such will be available this summer, about 250 pages of offset printing featuring a wraparound cover and an in-depth interview with Alan Dean Foster," Puck Press, Robin Goodfellow)
  • Pure Speculation ("We're seeking your thoughts on Vulcan language, arts, music, society, government, morals, etc. ... Presentation up to the author or artist..." 1985)
  • Puzzle Universe (Star Trek: TOS puzzle zine, 1977)
  • The PWP Zine (1997, slash, Sentinel)
  • Pyramid Dust (1988, Battlestar Galactica, by Kathryn Pepmiller, "Music, murder, and more. After deaths in the Fleet, an investigative reporter turned shuttle pilot risks friendships, reputation, and her very life to find the one responsible. Somebody powerful is moving behind the scenes; Apollo is ordered to 'stay out of the way,' and Amanda may face the murderer alone... [Tentatively scheduled for Early Summer 1988.]")


  • Q&A (1991, "A QUANTUM LEAP and ALIEN NATION zine looking for stories, poetry, artwork, filks, cartoons, anything! Crossovers welcome, non-crossovers preferred. Looking for serious, silly, whatever! We need material! No slash please. Potential illustrators please send photocopied samples and a SASE. Submissions open 'til 9/30/91. Proposed publication: 12/91. Send a SASE to Michael Maccmber.")
  • Quadrotriticale (Star Trek: TOS and SF essays, fiction, poetry and art, "The editors would like to encourage particularly the fans in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area to contribute.")
  • Quantum Quandary (Quantum Leap, gen)
  • Quantum Tales (gen, 1996)
  • Quantum Treks' (gen, 1995, Star Trek/Quantum Leap, editor: Stacie Morano)
  • The Quentin Zine (see image on this page) (1984, gen/het, Dark Shadows, content based on the character of Quentin, Lone Gull Press)
  • Quest in Otherwhere (see image on this page) (1979, original science fiction zine by Ellen Blair, "This will be a limited edition issue, and unless sold to a professional publisher, will not be reprinted!")
  • Qubed: The Quintessence of Quipps and Quirks (Star Trek: TNG, stories, poetry and art with a focus on John Delancie)
  • Quicksilver (1982 or before, Star Trek and Star Wars fiction, art, poetry, "please, no K/S or seX-plicit... Best drawing of a Gundark receives a prize in addition to a free zine," editor was Jacquelyn Patterson)


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