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  • Uncertain Alliances (see image on this page) (1989, a four-volume Blake's 7 series by Adrian Morgan and Brendan O'Cullane - Xenon Press)
  • Under a Conquering Star ("A new Trekzine is looking for stories, poetry, or illustrations (Sorry, no porn or heavy K/S) -- but will consider well done "adult" material. Issue #1 due out late spring '80. Features story by B. Reitz, illustrated by Shona Jackson. T'PURR cartoons by T'Klai... T'URR, the Enterprise Cat, a cartoon, is also available through the same address.")
  • Uniquity ("Uniquity will be a multi-fandom slash zine featuring lesser-known fandoms and/or uncommon pairings. We will consider any type of stories in any fandom. Uniquity will debut in early October 2000." -- to have been published by Infinity Press)
  • Unseen Season (Quantum Leap, 1993, "What if Al was the leaper, and Sam the hologram?", Bill Hupe)
  • untitled Man from U.N.C.L.E. zine (slash, 1995, "No death or petty vindictiveness. First time stories a bonus. Submit stories on a 3" floppy in ASCII format (hard copy attached," Fruit Press/Kari Masoner)
  • Universal (Star Trek and science fiction art, stories, puzzle, bi-annual, 1980)
  • Universal Transgressor, (a spoof of Universal Translator by Mindy Glazer, its "primary function is to irritate its advertisers and demean its subscribers... no one is left untouched. Reviews, harassment, con listings, abuse, personal statements, and other items of interest and annoyance to fandom are also included. An age statement will probably be required." 1980)
  • Unseen Heroes (1997, multi-media, slash, NoShame Press, "…devoted to those couples you've been longing to see, couples you never thought you'd see, couples you won't believe you're seeing! Simply, those TV characters rarely given their due in fandom.")
  • An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (Star Trek, Orion Press, 2004, "Set in 2267, Captain Lystra Davis receives her long-deserved command of the U.S.S. Yorktown. While looking over personnel charts for command crew, she quickly realizes that many of them are cast-offs in some way. Her security chief was insubordinate, her navigator barely competent and the like. Fortunately, her chief science officer came highly recommended by Spock, and her chief medical officer had originally been slated to become the CMO of the ill-fated Intrepid. On the other hand, her executive officer was one of the officers up for the captaincy of the Yorktown, and he deeply resents Lystra on every level possible." See flyer image above)


  • Vampyr (1994, "Tired of vampires with a heart of gold? Want a good, old-fashioned, blood-thirsty "bad guy" vampire? Then you want VAMPYR. Now accepting chilling stories of evil blood-suckers. Will accept stories of fictional vampires (Dracula, Barlow, etc.), as well as original Creatures of the Night (or Creatures of the Day if you follow some traditions.) Will also consider stories in various fandoms, including Batman (Keaton version), Bonanza, Dark Shadows (new or old), Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Quantum Leap, UNCLE, Miami Vice, or ask about your favorite.")
  • Vanyel's Heart (1996, Mercedes Lackey, "VANYEL'S HEART is a fanzine/newsletter for all the fans of Mercedes Lackey's Vanyel from The Last Herald Mage trilogy. Artwork can be no larger than 8.5x11, and make sure that it is rendered in pen and ink or dark pencil. A good photocopy will do. All poetry and stories should be submitted copy ready, exactly as you wish to see them printed. I do not have the resources to correct or edit at this time. Deadline for submissions is September 10, tentative publishing date is September 20. Cost is US $2/Canada $3.00/and $5.00 overseas. Checks should be made out to Jerime Farris.")
  • Vertigo (1985, formally "Thing," all media, "we prefer stories with an off-the-wall slant. Real psychotic stuff. Cross-universe stories, What-If stories, parodies, humor, Twilight Zone-type twist endings, unusual angles, that sort of thing." One contributor wrote in 1987 that the zine turned out to be a quick rich scheme, and the two editors had run away from home... [1])
  • Visions of Tomorrow (1986, Dune, "centers on House Atreides in the years just prior to their takeover of Arrakis. During this time, a Harkonnen willingly goes to Caladan. With powers greater than the Gesserit, she must battle to complete her secret mission. Will there be help to bring Paul to power, or will she destroy the house?")
  • Voice of the Emperor (1982, Star Wars newsletter from Sweden to have been published by the same fans who created The Dark Lord)
  • Voyager (1978-1979, Space:1999, the first issue was to have contained a novelette by Judy Shevlowitz entitled "Six Will Get You 100." The second issue was to have an installment in The Loner series titled "The Small Enemy.")


  • The Wakan's Dream' (1995, Otter Limits Press, slash, by Robyn LaSalle and Tosya Stohn, illustrated by KOZ, a Renegades/Thunderheart Kiefer/Lou novella, "Studying under Grampa Reaches, Wakans-in-training Hank Storm and Ray LeVoi follow the old man on a quest for ceremonial peyote. Meanwhile, Buster McHenry approaches Ray's lover Walter Crow Horse for advice on how to tell Hank he loves him. Then they receive word that Hank, Ray, and Grampa have been abducted by drug dealers.")
  • What Do You Mean It's Only a Flesh Wound (1990, "We're disappointed that we didn't get more stories, but then whose fault is that? We gave you ample warning. We can't print what we don't get. (Anyone feeling guilty yet?) Martha and Anonymous have tried to make up for the shortage of authors by writing 800 pages each. We're hoping this will still fit into a letterzine format... Anyway, we should have either pricing information or a cancellation notice by next Snitch," Carol Davis and Merle Decker)
  • Walkabout (Mel Gibson)
  • Walk in the Shadows (1993, by Aloma Pedersen, art by Rae-Anne Weston, "Beginning a new, original non-slash, non-adult Horror-Mystery series. We don't have enough space to describe plot here, so SASE for more details. Will be out in 2-3 months, maybe a little longer, depending on when the art is in! Loose Cannon Press," Michael Macomber)
  • Walking on Air (1993, gen, Michael Macomber (pub), "Seeking stories, poetry, and art based on your pet fandom. We're looking for material based on fandoms which have not been widely covered in fan fiction-- shows like GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, MATRIX, NIGHT STALKER... and your favorite! Up to"R" rating but no slash or adult please. Artists send samples and a list of your favorite fandoms.")
  • War of the Worlds Comiczine (1989, War of the Worlds, "AT LAST! The illustrated version of stories based on the syndicated T.V. series "War of the Worlds" is here, in the form of a comic-sized, B & W 'zine which will also include extra artwork and, in the second and following issues, a letter column. The cover is lamenated for protection and an attractive, shiny look. The first issue is due in Dec., so order now! ." See flyer above.)
  • Warriors/Lovers ("Are you tired of zines K/S, S/H, or H/J? Is your imagination whispering, 'What about other slash pairs in history, films, fantasy, horror, or TV?' Well, rejoice... This will not be your ordinary '/' zine," The Theban Band/Saffo Press, Linda Frankel, 1984)
  • We are Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On (Star Trek: TOS, fiction, art, poetry, no K/S, by Amy Falkowitz and Catherine P. Smullen, 1983)
  • We Have a Dream (Starsky & Hutch, 1996, "adult," three stories by Lisa LoCicero and Barbara Johnson, plus other fiction, art and poems, see flyer image above)
  • Well Met By Gaslight (1992, Penguin Press, "A zine dedicated to those rogues, villains, and adventurous souls in literature and media during the Victorian and Edwardian eras, right up to, and maybe including, the beginning of World War I. This means we'd include fiction and a few non-fiction introductory pieces on Sherlock Holmes, Raffles, Fantomas, Arsene Lupin, Q.E.D., Biggies, Poldark, the Forsythe Saga, Hannay, etc. We might even be talked into slipping back a hundred years or so and including The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh, and a few other goodies. We hope to celebrate historical and period fiction by giving our readers their old favorites ... and introducing them to a few new friends.")
  • Whatever Happened to... (1996, Forever Knight, "whatever happened to any of the characters we've met in the various episodes," Forever Knight Canada)
  • Whatever Happened to Colonel Robert Hogan? (1997, Victorian Secrets Press (Jean Thrower), "A slash novel currently in progress by Tiger. Opening during the last days of World War II, Colonel Robert Hogan is taken away by the Gestapo from Stalag 13 just before Patton's tanks roll up to the front gates. The Heroes try and find him, and their search continues on through the years of the Cold War. Ex-Sergeant Ivan Kinchloe has personal reasons for the search, but meanwhile, the Cold War begins to heat up in a certain Southeast Asian country...")
  • (Whatever Strikes Your) ... Fancy (unknown)
  • Where in the World (Does this Fit In?) (multimedia odds and ends)
  • Where's Mary Sue When You Need Her? (A-Team, 1996, "a romance/Mary Sue/straight adult A-Team 'zine, which will also accept material revolving around other characters played by the A-Team stars.")
  • Wherry Funny (1991, Dragonriders of Pern, "A Dragonriders of Pern all-comedy zine. Contains "Dragon Raiders of Pern" and "Squirrel Gliders of Pern". This is still in the works and we're looking for artists and writers. This is an inter-Weyr project. For information on submitting or purchase send SASE." StarRise Weyr)
  • Whipperwhit and Other Stories (Doctor Who, 1993, Off-Note Productions)
  • Whips and Chains (see image on this page) (1984, "A new K/S zine devoted to bondage, slavery &/or a little S&M. This is a fantasy zine & is intended in the spirit of fun. No heavy rape stories & nothing too terribly brutal, please. We are looking for stories of any length which show Spock &/or Kirk (even McCoy) in slavery situations, or one in bondage to the other, or K/S stories involving light S&M. We don't like brutal rape stories, especially when one of our heroes rapes the other. If you are interested and available to do illos, let us know. We'd like to have specific illos which depict scenes in each story, so we would prefer to send a story for illustration.")
  • Whisper of the Wind (1993, Star Trek, proposed by Bill Hupe)
  • White Nights (1994, Samizdat Press, slash, Man from U.N.C.L.E novel by Alexi Tesla. "What Solo would like to know is, if the White Nights is so damn exclusive that even he, of blue blood and old money, can't get past the front door... how the hell did a refugee wharf-rat like Kuryakin get membership? What goes on, behind those black-lacquerd doors, that Illya refuses to discuss?")
  • Whistling in the Dark (Star Trek, sequel to Reunion)
  • White Pawn, Black Knight (Doctor Who, "Thinking he has discovered his enemy's greatest weakness, the Master schemes to finally destroy the Doctor. A serialized, novel-length saga, reintroducing some of the Doctor's oldest and truest friends. Also short stories, book reviews, filks, poetry, and art," 1984)
  • Whom Gods Have Favoured (1996, Forever Knight, "an exploration of LaCroix's life, all 2000 years of it. The volume begins with a proposed background which led to the events in "A More Permanent Hell," and will progress through history with a series of tales that trace the vast lifespan of Nick Knight's Dark Master." Forever Knight Canada)
  • The Wildest Trek Novel Ever (a Star Trek, all incarnations, crossover zine)
  • Willem Foxe ("complete with Victorian illustrations, an X-File slash AU spun to the tune of Jane Eyre in the darkest Brontean fashion.")
  • The Wine of Life (MUNCLE, 1993, slash, novel by Tosya Stohn, illustrated by KOZ, to have been published by Bodacious Press, "A story spanning twenty-two years of ups and downs on the bumpy road of love from the author of the 'Excerpts...'" Another summary: "This piece begins right after The Seven Wonders of The World Affair and winds its way over the bumpy, often pitted road of romance that our two ex-agents must travel. In it you will meet some old friends and make some new ones as Illya and. Napoleon reconcile their differences and revel in their similarities.")
  • The Witch and the Werewolf (2000, Buffy, Willow/Oz, "An adult fenzine featuring stories about Buffy's favorite witch and the werewolf she loves. So far: Full Moon by Jim McClure. - It's the day after graduation, the full moon is coming and the cage got destroyed with the school. What's a young werewolf and his girl to do?," Unicorn Press)
  • With Every Quantum Leap and Bound (1997, "...partial zine, editor had computer failure, sent out a few of the stories that survived to those who had written for information. Not generally available. The two writers were going to group all their stories as a season, connecting the leaps. So far as I know they never re-did/completed the project.")
  • With Strength of Heart (1992, "A new zine dedicated to the characters portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland. From Buckner of Flashback to Nelson of Flatliners, from Doc in Young Guns to Tad of Bright Lights, Big City, we have room fro them all. Promised so far, fiction from Kippax and Bonds, and art from BEKI. Humor, H/C, missing scenes, alternate universes, crossovers (especially with characters played by Lou Diamond Phillips and Donald Sutherland), no slash. Formally advertised as "Kiefer Madness.")
  • Wolf Song/Panther Trek (1998, Sentinel, gen and adult, to have been published by Celestial Cat)
  • The Wolfhawke Tapestries (Ladyhawke, 1985, "Based on the legendary events portrayed in the medieval fantasy of Ladyhawke. Art, fiction, poetry, songs, historical perspectives, anything the fertile mind can conceive and put to paper..." )
  • The Women of Star Wars (proposed and postponed in 1982)
  • Working Class Hero (John Lennon, "Great stuff already promised by A. Crouch, C. Drake, and K. Resch. Welcoming Carolyn Mindrum. More submissions, especially art, needed to make this dream a reality. Don't let me down!" and a little later, "Contents so far include wit, whimsy, and poignancy. Artists, where are you? Writers, how about some 'Meat City?' Contributors so far are K. Collard, C. Mindrum, P. Owens, and K. Resch," 1984. Another description in 1985: "Dedicated to John Lennon and his ideas and philosophies. Featuring stories, poems, articles, news clippings and artwork. Will have a color silk-screened cover. Contributors include Carolyn Mindrum, Katie Collard and Kathy Resch.")
  • Working Stiffs (multimedia, slash, stories depicting liaisons on the worksite, "No undying love need be proclaimed. Encounters can between enemies, friends, strangers, but must be spontaneous and happen on the job.")
  • The Wraith (1992, "Seeking stories based on ABC's animated series "The Pirates of Dark Water." Past, future, and alternate universe stories welcome.")
  • Wunderkind (unknown)


  1. ^ from Southern Enclave #16