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  • Karenina Continuity Chronicles Apocrypha Issue ("You say you like what we did with The Karenina Continuity Chronicles but you wish a story had ended a little differently? This issue gives you the chance to write for KCC.")
  • Karma-Chi-Love Thing (due South, 2000, slash, Fraser/Kowalski anthology, see flyer above)
  • Kasteroborous (Doctor Who, gen fiction and art about all five Doctors with an emphasis on Tom Baker. 1983)
  • The Kathryn Zine (see image on this page) Dark Shadows, 1996)
  • Keifer Madness ("Do you have a story based on Lost Boys, or Flashback and don't know what to do with it? We are curious to know if there is enough interest in the characters portrayed in any of Kiefer Sutherland's movies to start a zine. If you are interested in reading, writing or drawing Kiefer, then we have the place for you. No deadline set yet, we are just playing this one by ear. Personally, I'd like to see a few of the characters developed more, but hey, I don't write, so I'll leave that part up to you that are more talented and qualified. SASE only for writer's guidelines, or for a listing of Kiefer's movies available on video. Wizard Works" later advertised as "With Strength of Heart" in 1992)
  • Khael (Harrison Ford, 1987)
  • Killejarre: Song of Magic (1994, slash, Man from U.N.C.L.E. alternate universe, Samizdat Press, novel by Alexi Tesla. "Nikeo S'tchjal, young Lord of Killejarre, and his Ichlass, his manservent. Nikeo's father has died, leaving him to support Prince Hokoje in the upcoming battle for control of the Realm. Bad enough to be ruled by a mentally deficient telepath, but a vicious one, too? For half the hair of an okedah, Nikeo'd don battle gear and take the throne himself. But what of Ichlaa? Why is the valet suddenly showing signs of being a witch? Is he the one sending him dreams of Nikeo dressed in prince's war-garb, calling a battle-name different from any he has known or heard, anywhere in the Realm? Not Hokoje, not S'tchjal, but Krzada!")
  • The Killing Grounds (1988, Blake's 7, Suzan Lovett, canceled in part due to the Blake's 7 War, see image)
  • Kindred Spirits (multimedia, gen and slash, 1990, see image)
  • Kingdom of Outlaws (1992, Robin of Sherwood, "For the first issue, I'm attempting something a bit strange...I also want reviews and drawings regarding the other Robin Hoods...Kevin Costner, Errol Flynn, Sean Connery, and Patrick Bergin and what you liked/didn't like about their incarnations. Not only that...I am seeking submissions of fiction, poetry and art regarding the British series—both Robin of Loxley and Robert of Huntington, and all other characters. No slash for this zine, please, but mild sexual situations and violence are okay. Please send SASE for guidelines or if you'd be interested in reading the zine," Lloann'mhrahel Press, As per here, though a 1995 remark at Google group says that this zine was never published: "Kingdom of Outlaws never happened.")
  • Kingdoms of the Heart (Beauty and the Beast, was originally titled "The Faces of Darkness: Eye of the Storm, a zine that also never made it off the ground. "Retitled, since FOD is expanding beyond all expectations.")
  • Kinky Frisky ("other than 'vanilla' sex seems for this one, including S/M, B/D, voyeurism and the like")
  • Klingons! (a novel by Randall Landers, 1981, "Set after ST:TMP, the Klingon Empire has been betrayed to the Federation by Kreeg, a captured yellow-haired Kh'lef (Koloth's sub-race), and it's up to Kor to prevent the traitor from testifying to the Organians. Problem: Kreeg happens to be aboard on starship commandeered by a certain James T. Kirk." Was to have been published by "Stardate Press.")
  • Knight Life (Forever Knight)
  • Knight's Lady, or The Steed's Tale (Knight Rider, "Do computers need love, too? The first fan novel, as far as we know, written from the point of view of a car... Who else could discuss the relationship of dreams to reality while negotiating the Santa Monica Freeway at rush hour?" 1985)
  • Knightly Tales (1995, Forever Knight, "Lots of loose ends left dangling. What happened to vampires Daniel, Alyce, and Alexandra? Can a vampire make love without killing? Where is the Nick/Natalie relationship going? What is Janette's relationship with Nick? Does LaCroix love Nick? Such long-lived creatures make crossover stories feasible. Will consider all story types, but with preference to adult or slash." -- Reprehensible Press)
  • Knob Hill (see image on this page) (gen, "Doug and Bob McKenzie," "We will happily review poetry, short stories, filks, and comix (strip style). We will also view scripts for comix style art. We are desperate for artists and any other lunatics or Elsinore escapees to work on this piece of... literary genius," Otter Limits Press, 1985)
  • Knockin' on Heavens Door (1992, Lethal Weapon, "/" genzine seeking stories and art," to have been published by Bodacious Press)
  • Korsheen Revolution ("A Vulcan language project," 1978)
  • KOZ: A Homosexotic Collection (multimedia)
  • Kuta Puta (1980, Star Wars, gen, Otter Limits Press)
  • K/S Constellations (2003, print newsletter for a fan club of the same name, out of the UK, "Unlike the KSP this is not the place for LOC's, however it is the place to talk about Kirk and Spock and their love. The main focus will be on Trek – the source of our obsession after all – the moments that inspire K/S, and shape our opinions about Kirk and Spock. But there will also be room for anything that touches on K/S and our love for that pairing including zine recs, and internet links. The tone would be fairly light-hearted but with room for serious discussion too and the whole image would be very 'cottage industry'. Each issue would be between 2-4 full colour double sided A4 pages. You would subscribe for a number of issues rather than a number of months. I would not promise to put out an issue on any given date – as my life style means I could never live up to this.")
  • K/S Reflections (2004, non-fiction, some material became part of Legacy)