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  • E! (Emergency! letterzine)
  • The Easy Life (1992, Our Little Secret Press, "Hey, there's a great new series out there, RAVEN, and we're looking for other fans of Jon and Ski' cause we'd like to do a fiction/letterzine before the end of the year! So, if you're thinking you might like to vacation in Hawaii, or take up martial arts, drop us a line!" From 1993: "See how easy life can be? Just send us something for our zine and we'll be real happy. Missing scenes, poetry, art, stories and whatever else you can come up with. Deadline April '94. Adult stories okay. No slash.")
  • Eccentric Orbit (1985, K/S, see Thief for a mention of this zine)
  • Eclectic (gen, multimedia, art zine with art by Lybarger, Sansom, River, Zan, Fister-Liltz, 1985)
  • Eclectic Erotica (1992, multimedia, slash, Firetrine Press, "Got a story that won't fit anywhere else? This is the place for it!")
  • El Adrel (2000, Star Trek: TNG, was to have been published by Orion Press, but when the press stopped publishing TNG zines, it was passed on to Beta Ori Publications who ended up not publishing it)
  • Eloquence (a zine devoted to Frank Langella and his roles, 1980)
  • Echoes of the Mirror (Star Trek: TOS, a 1988 sequel to Echoes of the Empire, see that page)
  • Empathy (multimedia, 1987, male/male relationships, Nancy Kippax, see flyer image)
  • The Encounter (Star Wars fiction, 1981)
  • Endless Love (1996, "a collection of love stories, the only requirement we have is that one of your lovers must be one of the vampires featured in Forever Knight. The only "rule" you need to remember is that if vampires and mortals mate, either two vampires get out of bed the next morning, or one of your lovers is dead!," Forever Knight Canada)
  • Enemy (Star Trek: TNG, a Romulan/Klingon/Borg zine)
  • Enter-Toon-Ment Tonight ("an animated media zine, the successor to 'Tiny Toon Encounters,' which will be published when I finally get the art, I promise.")
  • Ep-Sode Guide (1992, Ruggles Sisters, "Zine #1 almost ready for publication. Still accepting submissions for issue #2. #1 has Captain Scarlet, Knight Rider, Nasty Boys, Sapphire & Streel, Star Trek, Simon & Simon, Colditz, and UFO. Promised Airwolf, The Invisible Man, Battlestar Galactica.")
  • Epitath (Star Trek: TOS), in the Twilight Trek series
  • ER: The Frisky Room (an all-ER edition)
  • An Eridani Dawn ("Stories, art and poetry. We'd like to see ideas for alphabets, dictionaries, ceremonies, ancient weapon designs, clan banners, epic battles, music, social customs... This one-shot is devoted exclusively to Pre-Reform Vulcan. Expect no K/S, time warps, computers, or anything resembling logic," 1983)
  • Eternal Stranger (K/S, 1990, novel by Beverly Sutherland, from a 1991 Nome flyer: "ETERNAL STRANGER is still . . in the works, but Beverly is almost finished with her other project, so we're trying to keep our hopes up!")