Beefstick and Lambchop

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Title: Beefstick and Lambchop
Publisher: NoShaman Press/Quantum Fire Press (issue #1), Agent With Style (issue #2)
Date(s): 1997-1999
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Beefstick and Lambchop is a Sentinel slash anthology zine.

cover of issue #1, TACS, nominated for a STIFfie

Issue 1

Beefstick and Lambchop 1 was published in May 1997 and contains 188 pages. Cover by TACS. B/W interiors by MegaRed and TACS.

The editorial: "'Welcome to my blood, sweat, and tears. I fought deadlines, and last minute glitches, the chore of deciding who'll get top billing... Anxiety and panic attacks became a way of life... But I persevered, and here is the result. An action-packed cop show with all the possibilities inherent in that genre. You know, hurt/comfort, touchy-feely. With a touch of the supernatural. A gorgeous, long haired hip grad student. And a bond between them that might be destiny. Or fate. Or primal. I think you'll find this zine has something for everyone, from a few hot & heavy PWP's to in-depth and intense character studies. All centered around Blair and Jim. After all, that's why we're here. Enjoy!

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I got my copy of Leah's "Beefstick and Lambchop" zine a week ago. Loved it. Inhaled it, devoured it, read it. Talk to Leah about ordering one.

188 pages, art by TACS and MEgaRed - all lovely art. Wowsa.

If Santa Had a Harley - Leah. I had the pleasure of reading this in beta form, way back. (Neeners). It was, and is, a good story. I like the image of B under a tree, being all nostalgic and dreamy. A nice beginning to a great zine.

Morning After - Ann. A hot little PWP. Well written, and a great way to wake up.

Waving or Drowning - JKW. Well, *I* liked it.  ;-)

Dancing for Strangers - Leah. This was *incredible*. The thought of Jim dancing... hummuna. I thought the characterisations were realisitic, and think the unvieling of their relationship was passionate, well-wrought, and interesting. The only complaint I have is in spots it seemed to be missing a scene, for example at the end B has chosed to share his rooftop sanctuary with Jim, but that use of the roof wasn't shown enough to make the impact of that sharing strong enough. But then, it had Jim dancing....

HEatwave - Siren. An interesting look into psychological drama, sex, and love. It seemed a tad reminescent of other stories, though, so I sometimes felt as if I'd read it before. Not "the" same story, but bits reflected bits in other stories.

The Falcon and teh Breeze - JKW. Again, I liked it and so did my gf. And she gets to hear the sequel before I write it down.

Rules of Punishment - ALexis Rogers. This story made me think. I couldn't decide whether I liked it, or liked it *and* found it arousing. And whether or not I believed it of Jim or Blair. I finally decided I did, and I consider this story a worthy accomplishment of AR. This story, and the otehrs in this series, have captured my imagination and I am grateful for any author who does that. :-)

The River - Leah. I liked it. Yum. Did I read this before? I loved the scene at the end, where after everything that happened and everything they'd been through, there was still doubt and love and wondering what might happen tomorrow to change things. Love it.

Scent of a Guide - a look at how the Sentinel's senses can drag him, kicking and screaming - or not ;) into a relationship with his Guide. It would have been great if slightly longer and more developed; as it was it was heavy on the CASE and not enough relationship developing. I *like* case, dont get me wrong. But I want lots of love and angst, too.

His Guide's Voice - Beefstick. Noramlly I skim over poetry in zines, but this hit me like a truck. I *love* it. It is *so* erotic, and romantic, and incredible. Makes me want to hold my SO close and not let go.

Faith - Sue Walker. The longest piece, and a fine read. The plot was engaging, the angst and love nicely handled. I *loved* the way the characters at the station were handled - watching them make their alliances and act on their loyalities was fascinating. The only complaint is that Jim and Blair didn't seem exactly themselves. A few little things about their behaviour that made me go 'no, he wouldn't do that'. But honestly, I don't care much about things like that. I notice them, but there are so many interpretations of what the characters are that I cant judge a story by differences in opinion. The story is *good* regardless of if it is strictly canon or slightly AU.

All in all, a zine worth reading.[1]

Lambchop and Beefstick [sic], a Sentinel slash zine form NoShamanPress a divison of Quantum Fire Press.

The zine starts with a wonderful TACS cover and contains interior art by TACS and MegaRed. I found the drawing by MegaRed entitled "Comfort" especially nice. I'm not sure why, but I have spent a lot of time looking at this drawing of Blair being held by Jim.

Authors include [Leah S], Ann, James Walkswithwind, Siren, Alexis Rogers, Wendy, and Sue Walker.

I enjoyed all the stories, which cover Christmas, first times, trials and tribulations for our favorite boys. All the authors, except Sue Walker, are known to me and their stories were of the quality I expected. I wasn't disappointed. Sue's story was last and longest and very good.

If you like the Sentinel and love slash, this zine is worth buying. It was everything I look for in a zine. (And the typo in my story is my fault.) [2]

Issue 2

Beefstick and Lambchop 2 was published in May 1999 and contains 183 pages. Color cover by K9. B/W interior art by Geli.

cover of issue #2, K9

The zine was originally going to have the sequel to Faith that appeared in the previous zine. The story grew like topsy, and eventually was published as a standalone zine, Hope.

The disclaimer:
Beefstick and Lambchop 2 is a co-publication of Agent With Style and NoShaman Press and does not intend to infringe upon the copyrights or holdings of Paramount, Pet Fly, Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo, wake up calls, go to sleep calls, just dozing for a moment calls, no, really, I'm up calls, jungles, forests, my backyard, vendettas (renewed or otherwise), getting mad a/xf getting even, afterglows, beforeglows, nightlights so I can see to get a Tab in the middle of the night, merry-go-rounds, other props from Somethig [sic] Wiccan, er, Wicked This Way Comes, heros, gyros, other sandwiches no one is sure how to pronounce, stakeouts, Stake 'Ems, other really good carryout places, following me, getting noticed, getting arrested, getting put in jail for stalking, tubbles (tele and otherwise), people who've just gained a few pounds, people who have lost a lot of pounds (Hi, Kim!), a few wrong turns, a few too many miles in the wrong direction, "Give me the damn map, Sandburg!", rent, other really good musicals I haven't seen yet, a pirate's pet, a pirate's pot, a pirate's pit, no let's don't go there, hammers, nails, thumbtacks that'll actually go into walls, falling, tumbling and tripping over one's own two right feet. No bribes of a landscaping company that's available now, time to get Flagstaff, my homy little kitten, fixed or a free shot at Dean valentine's head with a Nurf laser canon were offered. Dammit. Laugh! Cry! Send LoCs!
  • Wake Up Call by Toshua 1
  • Solitary by Ann Teitelbaum 8
  • Jim of the Jungle by Jane Mailander 9
  • Spoken by Ann Teitelbaum 41
  • Renewed Vendetta by K. Ann Yost 42
  • Flirt by Ann Teitelbaum 51
  • The Guide's Prayer by Jane Mailander 52
  • Afterglow by Jane Mailander 53
  • Merry-Go-Round by Bog 56
  • Hero by Grey 59
  • Stakeout by Chelsea Frew 77
  • Follow Me by Chelsea Frew 81
  • Fella Tubbies by Bog 90
  • A Few Wrong Turns by Voracity 93
  • Rent by Jenny 131
  • Cartoon by Jane Mailander 138
  • The Pirate's Pet by Pumpkin 139
  • Vice by Ann Teitelbaum 146
  • Cartoon by Jane Mailander 147
  • Hammer to Fall by Sue Walker 148


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