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You may be looking for the TV series Even Stevens.
Title: Even Steven
Publisher: Live Oak Manor Press
Editor(s): Gail Paradis
Date(s): 1997-2004
Medium: print
Fandom: Due South
Language: English
External Links: Publisher's website, some table of contents pulled from the zine agent
flyer advertising the publication of issue #3
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Even Steven is a slash Fraser/Vecchio anthology.

Issue 1

Even Steven 1 was published in June 1997 and contains 11 slash Fraser/Vecchio stories. Cover artwork by Anja Gruber.

Issue 2

Even Steven 2 is a collection of 7 slash Fraser/Vecchio stories. Cover artwork by Anja Gruber. It was published in 1999 and contains 111 pages.

cover of issue #2, Anja Gruber
  • The Musical Ride by Jeannie M.
  • Chicago Gay Pride by Khylara
  • Fraser's Fear by Khylara
  • Out of the Shadows by Alberta Skies
  • Blood Ties by Mitch Hudson
  • Walk Beside Me by Lisa M.
  • one other story

Issue 3

Even Steven 3 was published in 2004 and has 113 pages. Cover artwork by Shar, along with an interior color piece by Shar "Together As One".

cover of issue #3, by Shar
  • Someone Who Cares by Khylara
  • Northern Adventure by Shannon McK.
  • The Picture by Khylara (poem)
  • You Can Forgive by Lady Ana
  • Dief Toons by Jane Mailander
  • Only Friends by Anam
  • What's in a Name? by Donita Vonette
  • Italian Eye for the Mountie Guy by Jeannie Marie
  • Close Your Eyes by Khylara (poem)
  • Better Than Chocolate by Nona
  • Perfection by Khylara (poem)