The Chronicler's Tales

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Title: The Chronicler's Tales
Publisher: Bluebird Press
Editor(s): Kristy Effinger and Reggie Beck
Date(s): February 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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The Chronicler's Tales is a gen 185-page Beauty and the Beast anthology.

There was a sequel planned for January 1992, but it was never completed.

cover by Kristy Effinger


A very well written and crafted zine with excellent art. This is an interesting story, woven from tales spun by an ageless man rescued by Vincent. The Chronicler's empathic abilities give him the power to have people open up to himand share their stories. It's a novel approach and took at the Tunnel world and its inhabitants. Catherine's spirit appears to make love to Vincent in order to help him remember the past. Diana is an accepted member of the Tunnel community and romantically linked (but not sexually) to Vincent. Each story features a different person, including Diana, Mouse and Elliot Burch. [1]
Mainly 4th season, but there are some Vincent/Catherine tales. The continuing premise is that an apparently immortal and telepathic old man is rescued by Vincent and brought Below. The Chronicler then proceeds to record the present experiences and memories of those he encounters. Among the classic stories is 'A Cry of Players' by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub, in which a born actress, 'Madame Sarah,' illegally holding secret acting classes for children Below, is in fact herself a teenager used as a call girl by her father. No overt romance between Vincent and Diana.[2]


  • The Chronicler by Kristy Effinger (How Vincent finds the ancient, mysterious Chronicler and the tale-telling begins.")
  • Recover by Reggie Beck ("A Helper seeks Peter Alcott's aid to assist an injured stranger discovered on the waterfront. Can you guess who the stranger is?")
  • Annabelle & Other Treasures by Kristy and Reggie ("Diana brings Below a box of gifts from an unusual source. This one is poignant!")
  • An Explosive Combination by Linda Mooney ("A tale of William's gastronomical delights.")
  • Why, Vincent, Why" by Leora Effinger ("Samantha's retelling of Vincent's dark time.")
  • Mouse in the Dark by Reggie Beck ("The story of how Mouse came to be in the Tunnels, told from his point of view.")
  • A Cry of Players by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub ("An unusally gifted young woman joins the Tunnel community, finding true family for the first time.") (reprinted in Remote Control #9)
  • Diana's Tale by Kristy Effinger ("Diana tries to come to terms with new emotions, and flashes back on her childhood. See what Diana is really like!")
  • With Love's Light Wings by Kristy Effinger ("Vincent has a tormenting dream. Catherine brings healing by helping him to remember. Grab a kleenex -- you'll need it to catch the tears.")
  • poems by Marilyn Oakvik
  • calligraphy by Kristy Effinger
  • 22 pieces of original artwork by Kristy Effinger, Leora Effinger, Lukas Effinger ("Kristy's talented teenage children), Nora Leverson, and Gina Salisbury


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