Sonar Readings

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Title: Sonar Readings
Publisher: Emprise Press
Editor(s): Linda Chapple
Date(s): 1994-?
Medium: print
Fandom: Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Language: English
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Sonar Readings is a gen Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea anthology.

Issue 1

back cover of issue #1, Paul Smithson
front cover of issue #1, Linda Chapple

Sonar Readings 1 was published in 1994 and contains 118 pages. The front cover art is by Linda Chapple, the back cover design by Paul Smithson. Other art by Ann Humphrey, Pauline Owers, Linda Chapple,

  • Boomarang by Yvette Clark (1) (Being the new man anywhere is tough, but Seaview has a few extra hazards of her own, as Seaman Macky finds out when Kowalski asks him for a favour.)
  • Death Below Zero by Angela Field (3) (Seaview is sent to the Arctic to find an asteroid which has recently crashed to Earth and is the cause of recent earthquakes. When they find the astroid, however, they also find a great deal of trouble, with Lee and Nelson finding themselves pitted against Chip in a battle for control of Seaview.)
  • Troubled Waters by Pauline Owers (22) (Problems with an unstable crewman leave Crane in Sickbacy. Even after things have settled down, the legacy of the event remains.)
  • Here Be Dragons by Linda Chapple (44) (A bizarre accident flings the boat back in time and she finds herself cruising an ocean populated by prehistoric creatures. While Crane and Morton try and keep the boat in one piece, Nelson attempts to find a way of getting them back to their own time.)
  • Interlude: Journey With Fear by Cris Smithson (75) (a missing scene from the episode)
  • Breaking the Rules by Rita Wilcoxon (81) (Chip's wife has gone into premature labour while Chip is still at sea. Desperate to get back to her in time, Chip starts to reconsider the direction of his life.)
  • Sting In the Tail by Angela Field (91) (Lee discovers that the scientists behind Seaview's current research mission have more sinister motives about the recovery of some instrument packages. Before he can do anything about it, an accident leaves him amnesiac and at the mercy of the scientists.)
  • My Secret Diary by Lee Crane (and Wendi Cornish) (106) (A month in the life of our intrepid Captain.)

Issue 2

Sonar Readings 2 was published in 1998 and contains 106 pages. It is an anthology of gen-stories by Cris Smithson, Rita Wilcoxon, Pauline Owers, Angela Field, and Ann Bottomley.

  • A Slow Friday Afternoon in a Bar by Cris Smithson
  • The Age of Reason by Rita Wilcoxon
  • The Power of Darkness by Pauline Owers
  • Nameless Fears by Angela Field
  • Life, Death and Burnt Cakes
  • Business as Usual by Angela Field

Issue 3

Sonar Readings 3

  • Life, Death, and Burnt Cakes by Ann Bottomely
  • other unknown content