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For the song popular in vids, see It's Raining Men (song).
Title: It's Raining Men
Publisher: AngelWings Press
Date(s): 2000-2004
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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It's Raining Men is a slash multimedia fanzine.

Issue 1

It's Raining Men 1 was published in October 2000 and contains 186 pages. The color cover is by Geli.

cover of issue #1, Geli

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, by Geli

It's Raining Men 2 was published in October 2001 and contains 197 pages. The color cover is by Geli.

  • Paranoia by Shorts ("Bodie and Doyle discover just how deep their partnership runs.") (The Professionals) (1)
  • Epilogue to "The "Broca Divide" by Claire ("Daniel gains a new perspective on Jack's behaviour in "The Broca Divide".") (Stargate SG-1) (16)
  • Hit or Miss by J.C. (Gabriel/Mark) ("Boy meets boy, boy tries to get with boy and runs into a lot of problems along the way.") (Trick) (18)
  • Wishful Thinking - Lee by Heidi (Nelson/Crane) (" Lee's thoughts on Harry.") (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (33)
  • Guilt by Jayme (Sam/Al) ("Guilty feelings are overwhelming Al as he receives indications that he is directly responsible for Sam's inability to leap home.") (Quantum Leap) (36)
  • Saving The Heart by Angelise (Doc/Wyatt) ("A simple question changes Wyatt's reality forever.") (Tombstone) (46)
  • Garden of Remembrance by Tavaran (Bodie/Doyle) ("Things aren't always what they seem like in this Garden.") (The Professionals) (51)
  • Wishful Thinking - Harry by Heidi (Nelson/Crane) ("Harry's thoughts on Lee.") (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (67)
  • Lonely in D.C. by Serious Moonlight (Fox Mulder/James Horn) ("Two lonely men meet for a supposed one night stand - and end up more than they expected.") (X-Files/Millennium) (70)
  • Wishes Come True by Heidi (Nelson/Crane) ("Sometimes things happen in the way you least expect them.") (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (108)
  • Chimera by Lumina (Ezra/Buck) ("Ezra's and Buck's first meeting, in an Alternate Reality, prior to Ghosts of the Confederacy.") (The Magnificent Seven) (115)
  • Starting Again by Clare (Jack/Daniel) ("Losing his memory doesn't mean Daniel's lost his feelings.") (Stargate SG-1) (122)
  • Where Roads Don't End by Shadow (Stuart/Vince) ("Maybe Stuart’s been living by the wrong metaphor.") (Queer As Folk (UK)) (131)
  • Yes Mrs. Landingham by Angelise (Leo/Jed) ("The President suffers a loss and seeks comfort in the arms of his long time lover.") (149) (West Wing)
  • Warm Hands by Liz the Lab Rat (Hawkeye/Sidney) ("Hawkeye Pierce is headed for a break down at just the wrong time and Sidney Freedman has to pull his friend back using any means necessary.") (MASH) (154)
  • Another Day by Ceares (Rhett/Ashley) (" Sharing a cabin on a business trip to San Francisco gives Rhett the opportunity to deepen the relationship between himself and Ashley.") (Gone with the Wind) (166)
  • Boundaries by Elizabeth Stuart (Peter/Pop) ("Father and son venture beyond the boundaries society has set for them.") (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (172)
  • Cold Comfort by Taravan (Bodie/Doyle) ("A Professionals crossover AU love story set in 1980s Britain against the backdrop of a recent (fictional) alien invasion. Bodie, who believes his former lover Ray Doyle was killed by the aliens soon after the invasion, is called in to the alien HQ to investigate an attack on the alien commander's human boyfriend, and makes a tragic discovery.... The alien race is heavily based on Star Trek's Cardassians, but for some reason I didn't want to use the Star Trek names. <g>") (186)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, by Shar

It's Raining Men 3 was published in June or July 2002 and has 169 pages. The color cover is by Shar.

Issue 4

cover issue #4

It's Raining Men 4 was published in February 2003 and has 163 pages.

  • It Doesn’t Mean Anything by Bast and Shadow (CSI:Miami) (6 pages)
  • Stargate SG-1 by Rimfire
  • A Fine Madness by Bast (due South) (RayK/Fraser) (3 pages)
  • Fate's Distraction by Angelise (Highlander/Beauty & the Beast (Methos/Vincent) (18 pages)
  • Returning Home by Angelise (Tombstone) (7 pages)
  • Seaquest by Jamie Blue
  • Remember Me by Carmen Smallville (12 pages)
  • Ranger’s Destiny by LilyK. Babylon 5 (32 pages)
  • A Friendly Visit by Shorts Queer as Folk: UK (9 pages)
  • Knightfall: An Undead Story by Shadow Forever Knight (LaCroix/Night Knight) (11 pages)
  • Frottage—the Art of Rubbing (STARGATE SG-1—Jack/Daniel) (8 pages)
  • But Timmy by Bast (CSI: MIAMI—Speed/Horatio) (4 pages)
  • Trust by Rimfire (STARGATE SG-1—Teal’c/Jack/Daniel ) (5 pages)
  • Here, There and Everywhere by JaimeBlue (SEAQUEST—Tim O’Neill/Ben Krieg) (10 pages)
  • Heat (CSI:MIAMI—Speed/Horatio) (7 pages)
  • The Memory of My Nightmare (STARGATE SG-1—Jack/Daniel) (25 pages)
  • Fate’s Distraction Forever Knight/Beauty and the Beast crossover
  • Machinations of an Air Force Colonel (STARGATE SG-1—Jack/Daniel) (10 pages)
  • Patience Was the Key (CSI: MIAMI—Speed/Horatio) (2 pages)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

It's Raining Men 4 (multi/) My current obsession, CSI Miami :) The 4 stories in this are far too short (my only complaint :) but they're incredibly true to voice. And hot, too! :) I've had this since MediaWest - spent a great deal of time at MediaWest just re-reading those 4 stories. I'm STIll re-reading those 4 stories whenever I get a chance. And I did read the rest once I came up for air - the SG1 stories are incredibly hot, the Highlander/Beauty & the Beast was not only good, but unusual, the Tombstone one is very sweet and the rest are very good even though I'm not into the fandoms. And did I mention the 4 CSI Miami stories? :) [1]

Issue 5

cover issue #5

It's Raining Men 5 was published in February 2018 and has 180 pages. It has a cover by Sekhmet and interior art by Sekhmet and TheoK.

  • Fine by Khylara (Excerpt: Speed hadn't been fine for a very long time.) (CSI: Miami, Speed/Horatio)
  • Leap of Faith by VampyrAlex (Excerpt: Ezra's gaze turned to Nick, who had been listening to the exchange silently. "Nick, if Chris and Mr. Grissom have no objections, perhaps we could share a cup of coffee and reminisce over old times?") (Mag 7 (ATF AU)/CSI: LV xover - Ezra/Chris, Nick/Gil, Ezra/Nick)
  • Unsinkable by sparkle731 (Previously published in A Love Story 5 as "Down With the Ship". This version has been expanded.) (Excerpt: Despite his sheltered upbringing, Ken had heard of men who enjoyed the company of other men that way.) (Starsky & Hutch - Starsky/Hutch)
  • The Heart Wants by Cynthia Drake (Excerpt: Napoleon stalked her, after shoving his prisoner to the floor. She backed around the bed, pointing the needle threateningly at Illya.) (Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Napoleon/Illya)
  • The Sun in Winter by L.A. Adolf (Excerpt: Watson tossed off the filched blankets, and accepted the invitation, diving under the coverlet which Holmes then flicked back over him quickly.) (Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Holmes/Watson)
  • Nine Days by lbc (Excerpt: Klaus' homophobia had been a bitter pill for Dorian to swallow and he had come very close to deciding to give up his NATO work and stop chasing the German major.) (From EROICA With Love - Dorian/Klaus)
  • Salvation by Lyn (Excerpt: "Morgan," I say without hesitation. He's the only one right now that I think I can bear to touch me. I hope the others will forgive me for that. "Derek Morgan.") (Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan)
  • Waiting For Morning by Lyn (Excerpt: Though it was a year or more in the past now, the specter of Tobias still haunted Reid, like a persistent shadow at his shoulder, a glimmer of a ghost from the corner of his eye.) (Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan)
  • Giving It Up by Sekhmet (Excerpt: Sulu didn't offer to sleep with him and save him from his celibacy, but he did offer to get someone to do it. Pavel managed not to laugh in his face.) (Star Trek Reboot (2009) - Bones/Chekov)
  • Open Season by VampyrAlex (Excerpt: The idea that a psychopath of Crane's caliber had been living in Nick's attic for that long, watching him, stalking him, violating his privacy... It was enough to make Warrick want to smash his fist into Crane's weasel-like face.) (CSI: LV - Warrick/Nick)
  • Palm Trees And Flamingos by Khylara (Excerpt: Horatio stood in the doorway, his black suit having been replaced by a faded pair of jeans that hugged his legs and the flamingo patterned shirt buttoned just enough to show off a good portion of his chest. "Like what you see?" he asked, a teasing little smile on his face.) (CSI: Miami - Speed/Horatio)
  • Our Turn Now by Bast & Sekhmet (Excerpt: But Jim and me... it's different. Not only are we well matched and know each others' strengths and weaknesses, there's more to us than just this, what we are right now.) ( Jim Street/Brian Gamble - S.W.A.T. (2003 Movie))
  • Life Is What Happens... by Dovya Blacque (Excerpt: Bucky nodded to him but didn't speak. Those troubled eyes were verging on desperation so Steve touched the tips of the fingers on his left hand to Bucky's flesh fingers on his right and drew a breath, preparing to step into Captain America's shoes for what he knew might be the last time.) (Captain America - Bucky/Cap)


  1. ^ from a mailing list, quoted anonymously (June 2003)