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Pairing: Peter/Pop
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Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
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Peter/Pop is the pairing of Peter Caine and his father, Kwai Chang Caine, in the show Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.

Peter/Pop fic is fairly rare, but during the beginnings of the fandom, incest fic was generally less popular and less accepted than currently. The labels and descriptions of stories almost always had a prominent warning that was meant to alert fans to the pairing.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues may be the first fandom to have had a mailing list specifically devoted to an inter-generational incestuous pairing: "Tender Loving Care," whose archives went back to 1999. [1]

Sample Print Zines

Sample Fanfiction

  • A Fellow Monk by Legion ("Warning, Incest, Peter/Pop. Normally this is a squick for me, but someone asked me if there was a time when I could see it, and this was it. *shrug* NC17.")
  • Precious Coin. ("Incest Warning! Pop and Peter move someplace new, but Peter needs time to forgive himselfs [sic] for the tragedy that haunts him. [141k, Peter/Pop, Incest].") This story was located at saraid's cage.
  • Nurturing by Elizabeth Stuart ("After a disrupted weekend in the woods, Peter tries to recreate the mood of being alone with his father in the forest only to discover he's not the only one disappointed by their interrupted weekend." - Peter/Pop.") This 2001 story is in the print zine, Dyad #21.
  • Christmas Wishes ("Peter spends Christmas Eve with his lover. Rating:PG *** WARNING: Incest theme *** Pop/Peter).") This, and other Peter/Pop stories, are at Diana and Joanne's Slash Sensation.
  • Boundaries by Elizabeth Stuart ("Father and son venture beyond the boundaries society has set for them.") (in It's Raining Men #2)

Fan Art

Gen Fanworks and Intense Bonds

Some of the gen fanworks, while lacking overt sexual intimacy, were very much about the relationship between Kwai Chang Caine and Peter Caine.

from the self-described gen zine, Bitter Blood (1996), artist is TACS
from the self-described gen zine, Thursday's Child (1996), artist is Anne-Marie Smith

An example of this intense bond is the editorial by Carol Frisbie of the gen zine, Covenant:

Kwai Chang and Peter Caine.

Shaolin priest and cop.

Father and son.

Together, they are the beating heart of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. If the series possessed no thematic value other than this, it would need no apologia for existing. From the beginning, the intense and emotional bond between these two men has challenged our conceptions about the nature of parental love and love in general, inspired us to examine our own hearts and relationships, and evoked tears both of joy and sadness in viewers unaccustomed to such unrestrained tenderness between adult male characters on television...or anywhere else. COVENANT explores the inner reaches of that father-son bond, the bright and shadowed comers, the conflicts and questions, and always...the love. Beneath the anger, disappointment and fear, that love flows like a river, powerful, unstoppable on its journey.

The portrayal of that love has often been a gift of great beauty. [2]

Fan Comments


I hadn't even *heard* of this pairing before. Is this brand new? Or, have I been living in a cave, and this is the main pairing in the fandom?

Well, I hadn't heard of Peter/Pop until recently, but someone sent me a recommendation for one on the rape page (shameless plug: a couple of weeks ago. It's a very disturbing story, and I can't imagine that most of the stories in the pairing are like it in the least, but it's india-ink dark and surprisingly *good*. [3]

[The zine I'm reviewing is Bitter Blood and] the fandom in this case is Kung Fu: The Legend Continues - not a show I am familiar with at all - and the pairing is generally known as Pop/Peter - in other words Shaolin Master Kwai Chang Caine and his son Peter. I was intrigued by the idea. Father/son incest is not particularly common in slash fandom although it is becoming easier to find. (My own Indy/Henry series 'Indiana Jones and the Last Taboo' now appears on the web and will also be in print for the first time [4], and there also some Luke/Vader stories on Elizabeth's website and in related publications.) Blind Spot shows signs of having evolved in much the same way as the story cycles which appear on the website, notably the 'Love's Path' series and the splendidly named 'Poppycock' stories [5]. [6]


My favorite fandoms to read are,

The Duke's of Hazzard, if slash Bo/Luke

The Sentinel, if slash Jim/Blair, Simon/anyone!

KFTLC, if slash Peter/Kermit, though I will read Peter/Pop

S&H, of course, should be right after Dukes LOL, need I say the slash pairing LOL [7]

Caveats: no stories featuring BDSM, incest, partner rape, bestiality, or encounters with underage characters will be accepted. I'm also not accepting any stories from the following fandoms: Star Wars, JAG; no Peter/Pop (KFTLC), or Nelson/Crane (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea). [8]


The guidelines for the adult and slash zines are a bit more strict than the genzines (though for the genzines, I won't accept anything with an adult theme or rating). No f/f stories, no stories dealing with bestiality, incest, or pedophilia. I consider death and rape stories on a case-by-case basis (no partner rape -- ever). I won't accept certain pairings because I don't like to read them -- Nelson/anyone from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Han/Luke (Star Wars), Peter/Pop (Kung Fu TLC). I don't take stories based on literary fandoms (unless that literary source has a media variation) or comics (I don't read them any more, and the comics publishers can be really nasty in court). I also don't take anything that's been posted anywhere. [9]


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