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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: saraid's cage
Author: saraid
Dates: 15 April 2000 or before - present
Fandom: Sentinel, Star Wars TPM, Highlander, The X-Men, The X-Files, Velvet Goldmine, Batman, The Invisible Man, Smallville, Nightrunner, Reign of Fire, Superman, La Femme Nikita, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Lord of the Rings. RPS: Backstreet Boys
URL: (Wayback link)
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saraid's cage is saraid's slash fanfic page. It started out as saraid's cognitive dissonance as part of Pumpkin's Slash Patch. When it was part of Pumpkin's Slash Patch, it was hosted by

saraid has gone and left her cage
her stories once were all the rage
she's left them here, on this old page
so they may be read by everyone
(and sage)
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the vast majority of the fanfiction you will find here is slash. that means grown men doing the horizontal mambo, sometimes vertically. you are under the age of 18, wherever you might live, a conservative Republican, a homophobe, a self-righteous power-hungry freak, or any combination of those choices, it would be best for all concerned if you Leave Now.

If you choose to continue, this means you are a) declaring yourself to 18 years of age or older and you're promising not to flame, bomb, abuse, accuse or arrest me.

The word "slash" on the warning page links to the Foresmutters Project.

The Sentinel

Sentinel Stand Alones

all stories are Jim and Blair. All stories are rated NC17 unless otherwise noted.

Dirty Little Secret & Always Be

A dark, tense series, Dirty Little Secret was my attempt to fit an unwanted sexual relationship into actual series episodes, and it worked for a while. Sometime later, I wrote a shorter, sweeter series called Always Be. It wasn't until after I had finished it that I realized that one series followed the other. They don't have to be read together -- I just think they're better that way.

[ DLS: 7 stories, 199k total, violence and noncon. AB: 4 stories, 92k total, no warnings]

Goodnight, Love

A very long series of short scenes, written over a period of months. Written for Pumpkin. Currently unavailable because there's a zine coming out, information for which can be found here:

Kingdom of Senad

Once upon a time, there was a list. And the list was Senad. The people were kind and the world was new...The adventures of Sir James and Prince Blair in the Kingdom of Senad.

I wrote this series giving people on the Senad list parts in the play, as it were. Shit happened, I got upset, other people got upset, and the series ended. I still think sometimes about going back and writing that last story. It may still happen...stranger things have.

[3 stories, 189k total]

Panther Tales

Ten years ago, Jim and Blair were taken and tortured by the government for unknown reasons. They escaped, damaged, and now live strange, twisted lives as fabled mercenaries. Will they ever find their way back to the people they once were?

7 stories. 539k. NC17.

The zine is still available, with a wonderful cover:


My first long TS series. There's a guest spot for Frank Black (MillenniuM), drug use, and a horrific case that's slowly driving Blair to the edge, and bringing long-repressed memories to the surface. There's *graphic* violence and tons of angst. The last story is a little dorky, but I stuck it on there anyhow.

[4 stories, 604k total]

A Sentinel's Voyage

Voyager and Sentinel crossover. An unbonded Sentinel on Voyager must find a mate or die, but his planet's homophobic attitude isn't helping. Janeway will insist, Tom and Harry will assist, and eventually everything will work itself out. We hope. This series is complete as is, though I do plan to add another story eventually.

[2 stories, 362k, pairings: J/B, P/K, J/C. warnings: mpreg in second story]

Sentinel Stand Alones

all stories Jim and Blair, all stories NC17 unless otherwise noted.

Absence of - A 'Sentinel Too' sequel. [27k, possible necrophilia]

Backroom Blues - Blair meets Jim after his trip to Borneo. [159k, dark]

Big Bang - Fourth of July picnic. [14k, PG]

Beyond - Blair and Jim are trapped during a rescue. [32k, death]

Boss - A little experiment in bondage. [12k]

Calling In - Blair calls MTV's Loveline for relationship advice. Nonsexual inclusion of Loveline hosts. [26k]

Call of Truce - sequel to Yvonne McCool's 'Crossed Swords'. She didn't really like mine, but graciously let me post it anyhow. Hers can be found here: [41k]

Day Seven - Jim meticulously plans sevens days in which to sway Blair. [25k, PG]

Flying - When the weather turns against them on a camping trip, Jim and Blair learn to fly. [65k]

Landing Zone - All it takes to get these guys together is... a hint from Mother Earth? [11k, PG]

Look Here - Blair's life is moving pretty smoothly and he doesn't understand why he's unhappy with it. [52k]

Looking Glass #1 - a challenge no one took: Jim and Blair in other professions, but still themselves. [12k]

Lunchtime on Tuesday - The worst things happen at the most mundane times. [47k, forced sex]

Maybe Maybe - Things aren't always as they seem. [7k]

Mother May - Jim's anxieties about his relationship with Blair peak when an important person from his childhood returns unexpectedly. [168k]

Nicknames - a long time ago, there was a nickname challenge on Senad. This was my response. [3k, PG]

Past Storm's Touch - Crossover with television's Beauty and the Beast. When Jim and Blair take a trip to New York to testify, they find far more than they're looking for. [237k]

Quiet - Jim tries to show Blair how to listen. [12k, bondage]

Real World - Jim takes his role as Blessed Protector too far and loses everything. A response to the plethora of despicable domestic abuse stories out there masquerading under the too-cute synonym of so-called 'domestic discipline'. [8k, partner abuse]

Secret - Guess. [13k]

Shaman on a Hellmouth - Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Sentinel. there's at least one university in the country that isn't going to worry about Blair's ethics. (Blair/Giles, Blair/other BtVS character, suggested Giles/Xander. NC17, 402k)

The Shape of Things to Come - Jim changed more during his time in Peru than even he knows. [90k]

Sleeping Sickness - Blair can't sleep and Jim's got a cure. Plot device, anyone? <g> [15k]

Snapshots - a semi-sequel to Jen Riddler's Paternity Blues. A collection of verbal 'snapshots' in the lives of Jim, Blair and Tristan as Tristan grows up. [98k]

her story can be found here:

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

TPM Series

all stories are Q/O and NC17 unless otherwise noted.

Knights Errant

In a Jedi Order where love is forbidden, what will happen to two who break the rules? [9 stories, Q/O, NC17, 385k total]

Heart's Journey

Faced with a challenging mission, Qui and Obi are allowed to complete their Bond -- but they still must complete the mission.

[2 stories, Q/O, NC17, 159k total; warnings for mild noncon]

Time and Death

Qui-Gon is gone, isn't he? Then who loves Obi-Wan now?

[2 stories, Q/O, NC17, 55k total]

TPM Stand Alone Stories

all stories are Q/O and NC17 unless otherwise noted.

Catch as Catch Can. a fire, an earthquake, and sex. 16k.

The Grand Dance. secrets from Qui-Gon's childhood threaten Obi-Wan's future. 89k, discussions of past childhood abuse.

In All Things. (previously published in Living Force II) Qui-Gon has taught Obi everything he needs to know. Other Padawans aren't so fortunate. (Q/O, 94k)

Life's Little Mysteries. Obi-Wan loses Qui-Gon in battle, but doesn't feel as bad as he should. 91k.

Memory Box. Obi-Wan recieves a gift after the funeral. 104k.

Of Poetry and Padawans. Qui-Gon helps Obi-Wan out. 12k.

Quiet Demons. 30 years from now, and TPM didn't happen. 22k.

The Rabbit Hole. Qui-Gon learns two things. 13k, rated PG.

Rival the Stars. Written with MamaDeb. After TPM, Ob-Wan can still feel Qui-Gon, but no one believes him. 104k.

Swansong. In a very different Jedi Order, Obi-Wan must undergo a painful rite of passage. 51k, borderline noncom.

Ties that Bond. Written in Anne Higgin's Bonding Universe. [She was kind enough to let me post it although she didn't really like the story] Qui accompanies 21-year-old Obi on a visit home for a celebration. 88k.

Thump. a 4-word challenge from mIRC. [R, 13k]


All Too True

Duncan thought he wanted to know what Methos is all about. [166k, Methos/Duncan]

Brothers in Arms

Series. Connor and Duncan work on a relationship that spans centuries, but is it worth all the effort? (note: i wrote the first story before i ever heards the term 'mary sue' - but, yes, it probably applies. Trust me and read it anyhow?) A final story may be added later.

The Lady Saraid

The Wall of Love

The Feelings of Your Truth

[3 stories, 458k total, Connor/Duncan, warnings for violent sex]

Gunmen tell No Tales

the proper way to watch any Christopher Lambert movie that isn't Highlander -- pretend it is. This is my excerpt from the movie 'Gunmen', with Mario Van Peebles. (another Immie :) [25k, Connor/Duncan]

The Healing: Tessa died and Richie must convince Duncan to live. [24k, PG13]

The Healing, Too : a continuation of 'The Healing'. [41k, Duncan/Richie]


a missing scene for the ep. [11k, Methos/Duncan]

Until a Day After Forever

caught in circumstances after a challenge, Duncan waits for Connor to get him out of jail. [147, Connor/Duncan, non-character rape scene]

With the Spring

Duncan comes to Connor in the spring. [127k, Connor/Duncan]


all of the X-Mens tories are part of a larger unfinished series. the series itself serves as the prequel to my unfinished magnum opus Crowded World. the series found here is presented in pieces because many of the completed stories are trapped on old Amiga disks and I can't get them out (if anyone knows how to do that, I would be forever grateful). Various pairings, and my OMC Mycroft plays a big part here. just so you're warned.

From the comic book universe:

Blood and Ice series:

Bloodbath [26k, nonslash, violence],

Afraid [34k, Bobby/Mykcroft]

From the movieverse: (not part of any series)

Coming Home: Logan returns, unsure of his welcome [124k, Charles/Logan, and yes, i took a few liberties with the healing factor... please try to ignore that]

Looking Wrongs: Charles sent Cyclops to keep an eye on Logan - but maybe he needs more than that. [46k, Logan/Scott, songfic]

Sick: even Logan's healing factor can be overwhelmed [22k, Charles/Logan, PG13]


all stories NC17. all stories Mulder & Scully. warnings: rape, self mutilation, violence, OMC, baby. Includes OMC character Dancer, who is mine and mine alone. This is a series, but each story stands on its own and the series will be finished eventually.


Coming Down - something happened on the way to New Mexico, but Mulder doesn't remember it. [47k]

Crumbling Mortar - Scully is attacked and both must deal with the aftermath. [129k]

Red Brick - Caught in self-doubt, Mulder pushes Scully away. [63k]

The Tower - Scully meets another Dancer - and this one really does have a secret. [46k]

Dungeon - While investigating a series of ritual suicides, Mulder and Scully come to a decision. [101k]

Forms - Mulder investigates dancer and pulls away from Scully again, but she doesn't let him get far. [74k]

False Fronts - Scully gets the best and worst surprise of her life. [51k]

Stacking Boulders - Life gets more and less complicated, and the author fills the holes with plot devices until she gets round to finishing the next story, 6 years later... [119k]

Velvet Goldmine

a collection of stories about Curt & Arthur

The Freedom [25k]

Make a Wish [31k]
Eye on You [21k]
Curt's Main Man [35k]
Fade Away Never [24k]
Rewriting History [52k]

(the series isn't exactly finished but I probably won't write any more stories in it)

Behind Closed Doors [17k, Curt/Brian]a missing scene from the movie, set during the orgy:


all stories NC17 unless otherwise noted.

listed alphabetically by fandom. new stories marked with a daisy :)

Angel: Done and Gone. After Never Fade Away, Angel wakes up someplace unfamilair. (Angel/Wesley, PG13, 18k)

The Authority: Little Bits o' Love. Midnighter has a crisis of conscience. It seems to happen frequently. (Apollo/Midnighter, 13k)

Batman/Superman: Trick of the Trade. in which Batman has a very bad day and Superman (via Lois & Clark) has to help him despite himself. [45k, Clark/Bruce]

Blue Juice: Boneyard Echoes. Now JC has the life he always wanted. (JC/Dean, R, 23k)

Hidalgo: Hard Bargain. Not avaliable on the web; please request from [email protected]. (Frank/Hidalgo, NC17 (X), 15k)

The Invisible Man: To Be Real. after a rescue mission, Darien's off switch seems to be broken. [42k, Bobby/Darien, first time]

Kung Fu;The Legend Continues: Precious Coin. (Incest Warning!) Pop and Peter move someplace new, but Peter needs time to forgive himselfs for the tragedy that haunts him. [141k, Peter/Pop, Incest]

La Femme Nikita: Refuge. Het warning. Nikita tracks Michael down after he's left Section. (Michael/Nikita, NC17, 66k)

Law and Order; SVU: Where'd that Wagon Go? everyone has secrets, but sometimes your friends need to know them. (Elliot/Emil, 39k, R)

Lord of the Ring; The Two Towers: Clouds Over Edoras. written with LadyHawke. The sequel to 'Starlight in Fanghorn'. Legolas and Gimli continue their journey during 'The Two Towers'. (42k)

Lord of the Ring; The Fellowship of the Ring: In Rivendell. Legolas comes to Aragorn, in Rivendell. (Aragorn/Legolas, NC17, 20k)

Lord of the Ring; The Two Towers: Settled. You can want, but you can't always have. [13k, Aragorn/Legolas, PG13]

Lord of the Ring; The Two Towers: Starlight in Fanghorn. Written with LadyHawke. Legolas knows what he wants and who he needs. (Two Towers, Legolas/Gimli, 53k)

Lord of the Ring; The fellowship of the Ring: Sweetness. Few Men know Elves as well as Aragorn. [31k, Aragorn/Legolas]

Nightrunner: Memory Test. Seregil sets a challenge for Alec, and promises the reward of an answer. [28k, Seregil/Alec]

Pretender: Know. Jarod needs to know. (Jarod/Nicholas, 17k)

Reign of Fire: After the Flames. Quinn gathers survivors for a desperate journey. (Quinn/Creedy, PG13, 77k)

Smallville: Breath Again. Trapped in a thunderstorm, Clark learns a few things about Lex - and himself. [37k, Lex/Clark, PG13]

Smallville: Then and Now. Lex and Clark are meant to be together, whenever they are. (Lex/Clark, NC17, 11k total)


some years ago, saraid met a Pumpkin. and it was true love, at least for a little while. they became a sa and a squash, which made a Sasquash, a mythical being of slash-wrting goodness. but things ended, as they do, quietly and on a friendly note. the fic here is a legacy of that time. i hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

The Sentinel

Shadow War: our first fic together. Pumpkin saved this one from the dustbin by agreeing to help me finish it. Faced with a reality he can't bear and with a hearty shove from Jim, Blair loses himself. Jim eventually finds him again. [187k, angst, J/B, NC17]

Sweet Memory: the opus. it took about two years, and all started with a vision i had of a wet, bedraggled, vulnerable Blair hitch-hiking... [933k total, AU, angst, 17-year-old Blair, NC17]

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Offering to Atlun: Qui and Obi do what it takes to save a planet. [22k, NC17]

Making Synergy: Our fist Phantom Menace story. Qui-Gon isn't what he seems to be, and Obi-Wan is grateful. [32k, NC17]

Skippy (name subject to change): this story isn't finished. we started it together ages ago and i am working on it, and Pumpkin will have a look at what i do and then i'll get it posted. A TPM/ Velvet Goldmine crossover; a stranger is found on a distant planet... and he's a perfect genetic match for Obi-Wan. (look for it this year)


Just to make this clear....

I so completely do not know these people....

thus, anything I write about them is absolute tripe:

Made up. Fiction. NOT REAL.

so far, the only RPS i've succumbed to is Backstreet Boys.

okay, with that out of the way... there are three stories here now, so I don't think

I'll be giving this up... I don't think certain readers will let me. I know I'm bad....

but it could always be worse. i tend to think of public person as characters,

separate from the real person. in public these guys are acting just as much

as they would be on the stage... which is how i rationalize this.


Something's wrong between Kevin and AJ, but AJ can't figure out what. (Kevin/AJ, 50k)

Everyone's Heroes

a Backstreet Boy AU.

When mutants begin to appear in America, the government claims them as their own.

What happens when the heroes can't trust their handlers anymore? (Kevin/AJ, NC17, 365k)

Last Night's Tears

Stranded in the jungle (can you say plot device?) Kevin and Howie fight to survive,

and bond more closely than expected.

[152k, NC17, Kevin/Howie, death of supporting character]