Covenant (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues zine)

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Title: Covenant
Publisher: Sun and Shadow Press
Editor(s): Carol Frisbie
Date(s): December 1996
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
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Covenant is a 350-page gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology.

cover by Heather Bruton

The art is by Heather Bruton, Jeanne McClure, Barbara Eickhoff, and TACS. The "Snappies" [1] are by Tiffany Childs.

From the Editorial

By Carol Frisbie:

Kwai Chang and Peter Caine.

Shaolin priest and cop.

Father and son.

Together, they are the beating heart of Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. If the series possessed no thematic value other than this, it would need no apologia for existing. From the beginning, the intense and emotional bond between these two men has challenged our conceptions about the nature of parental love and love in general, inspired us to examine our own hearts and relationships, and evoked tears both of joy and sadness in viewers unaccustomed to such unrestrained tenderness between adult male characters on television...or anywhere else. COVENANT explores the inner reaches of that father-son bond, the bright and shadowed comers, the conflicts and questions, and always...the love. Beneath the anger, disappointment and fear, that love flows like ariver, powerful, unstoppable on its journey.

The portrayal of that love has often been a gift of great beauty.

Immortal, as long as we are touched by it, moved to explore it, inspired to write of it.

The series has come to an end, but there need be no requiem sung. Caine and Peter and all those dear friends who populate the unique and exotic little world of KF: TLC continue on with their lives, innocent to know how we have watched them grow and evolve. They are real in a context beyond television — they have become part of our lives now. To those who love them, Caine and Peter are living and loving still, struggling to understand, to come to terms with each other and the star-crossed destiny they share.

We are the true Keepers of the Flame.

We, the fans of KF: TLC—the writers and artists in COVENANT and all the other fanzines who nurture and keep the story alive; all who share it and support it in the myriad ways our personal muses inspire.

We are the Dreamers who will keep the Legend alive. That is the covenant we share with the Dream-makers, fictional and real. That is our labour and our art and our joy.

To keep them in our hearts. And standing in the light.


From the zine: "The following stories — with one necessary exception — are placed in rough chronological/seasonal order to aid in character and event continuity. It is suggested that you read them in the order provided."

  • Daywatch by Diana King ("Peter and Pop are reunited, but Tan is not finished with the two of them...and Blaisdell has an injured son to protect.") (1)
  • Nighwatch by Diana Kind, continuation of the first story (8)
  • A World Apart by Laureen Peltier ("Both Caine and Peter have secrets that separate them.") (32)
  • Innocence Lost by Jeanne DeVore ("A clash of perspectives, and perhaps neither Pop nor Peter can save the life of a true innocent.") (41)
  • Hope Chest by Mary Lowe ("Peter makes a journey with his father, and finds hope in a strange place.") (60)
  • Jasmine by Brenda Mick ("Both Caine and Peter are injured, and the past returns to haunt them.") (69)
  • Damage Control by Karen Miller ("Blaisdell has a mission -- to save his son from both of his fathers.") (93)
  • Shattered Peace by Ann Raymont ("The tables are turned, and this time Caine feels the pain of abandonment and loss.") (102)
  • Sea Change by Ann E. Byassee (130)
  • The Way Home by Laureen Peltier (181)
  • Strong at the Broken Places by Jan Lindner (223)
  • Spider's Sting by Diana King (228)
  • Off Target by Diana King (233)
  • Connection by Jeanne McClure ("Caine’s thoughts after the events in the episode 'Dark Visions.'") (293)
  • All the King's Horses by Mary G.T. Webber (297)

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

Covenant is published by Carol Frisbie, and is one of the best zines I've seen (and I don't say that just because I have a story in there.) It's a Peter/Pop [2] oriented zine, and a fabulous read. And she sends her stuff out immediately. You'll never have to worry about not getting your zine with Carol. [3]


  1. ^ "Snappies" may be a word for telepix, or perhaps an early manip.
  2. ^ This fan is not referring to Peter/Pop fiction.
  3. ^ Brenda at Kung-Fu Legend Continues fanzines, March 17, 1997