Covenant (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues zine)

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Title: Covenant
Publisher: Sun and Shadow Press
Editor(s): Carol Frisbie
Date(s): December 1996
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
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Covenant is a 350-page gen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues anthology.

cover by Heather Bruton
  • Daywatch/Nightwatch, by Diana King--Peter and Pop are reunited, but Tan is not finished with the two of them...and Blaisdell has an injured son to protect. (31 pages)
  • A World Apart, by Laureen Peltier--Both Caine and Peter have secrets that separate them. (9 pages)
  • Innocence Lost, by Jeanne DeVore--A clash of perspectives, and perhaps neither Pop nor Peter can save the life of a true innocent. (19 pages)
  • Hope Chest, by Mary Lowe--Peter makes a journey with his father, and finds hope in a strange place. (9 pages)
  • Jasmine, by Brenda Mick--Both Caine and Peter are injured, and the past returns to haunt them. (24 pages)
  • Damage Control, by Karen Miller--Blaisdell has a mission--to save his son from both of his fathers. (9 pages)
  • Shattered Peace, by Ann Raymont--The tables are turned, and this time Caine feels the pain of abandonment and loss. (28 pages)
  • Sea Change by Ann E. Byassee (51 pages)
  • The Way Home by Laureen Peltier (42 pages)
  • Strong at the Broken Places by Jan Lindner (5 pages)
  • Spider's Sting by Diana King (5 pages)
  • Off Target by Diana King (60 pages)
  • Connection by Jeanne McClure--Caine’s thoughts after the events in the episode "Dark Visions." (4 pages)
  • All the King's Horses by Mary G.T. Webber (41 pages)
  • Art by Bruton, McClure, Eickhoff, TACS; Snappies by Tiff

Reactions and Reviews

Covenant is published by Carol Frisbie, and is one of the best zines I've seen.(and I don't say that just because I have a story in there.) It's a Peter/Pop oriented zine, and a fabulous read. And she sends her stuff out immediately. You'll never have to worry about not getting your zine with Carol. [1]


  1. ^ Brenda at Kung-Fu Legend Continues fanzines, March 17, 1997